15 Cheap And Fun Date Ideas Near Ryerson University

Sometimes going out during school can be hard to plan considering everyone’s schedules. So, of course, when you and your partner find a day when both of you are available, you want to make the best of it. One of the issues while dating in university, is the amount of money one has to spend during dates. So here I am to tell you about dates that don’t cost too much, but can be perfect for any couple. Luckily, being a student at Ryerson puts you in the heart of Toronto, a place where there are countless activities to do. Keep reading for 15 cheap and fun date ideas near Ryerson University!

1. Go Skating!

Grab your skates and go to ice rinks around Toronto. Nathan Philips Square is super close to Ryerson and you can go skating for around $10 each if you’re renting skates. Going skating during the winter weather is probably one of the most Canadian things, but also one of the cutest things. Afterwards, you can go to Starbucks or Tim Hortons to get some hot chocolate to top off the date.

2. Watch a Movie

Having classes inside a movie theatre can be a blessing especially if you have a date later that night. I’m not saying to sneak into a move, I’m advising to go on Tuesday nights at the DSQ so that the tickets are half the price. You both can watch the movie you’ve been wanting to see for ages. Plus, with the food court and a few restaurants near the building, you can go out to eat afterwards. If you are near the MAC, there is a small theatre called Imagine Cinemas that has $5 tickets on Tuesdays with a few restaurants next door.

3. The Distillery District

It’s a little far from Ryerson (about half an hour); however, the Distillery District brings out a lot of great ideas for dates. There is the Christmas Market, bakeries, great wine, restaurants, and other events the distillery has. A night out at the Distillery showcases a Historic spot, ans a fun place for any type of date you of are looking for.

4. Free days at the ROM and AGO

Everyone loves doing things for free, and on Tuesdays, Toronto’s ROM and AGO has free admission for students. This is a great date idea for couples who love history and exploring museums. The ROM and AGO are about 30 minutes away from Ryerson if you are walking; however, you can always take the subway after class to go to two of Toronto’s amazing museums. Plus, it’s free and there is nothing wrong with that (especially because admission can be around $20).

5. Get Some Amazing Food

Being in the middle of Toronto, there are tremendous restaurants located around the school. From Chinese food to Arabic food, you can find anything that will suit you and your date’s tastes. Also, a lot of the restaurants don’t charge a lot, so you can get anything you want. After class, you two can walk a few blocks and head out to the local restaurants and bars, and have a great time, without tiring yourselves out from travelling.

6. Escape Room

The Roundabout escape room is across the street from Ryerson’s SLC, and it’s a great experience. If you want to go as a group, or as a couple, an escape room is a lot of fun for everyone involved. The admission starts at $30 a person depending on the room you book, but it can really be worth it. It’s actually not that expensive because some escape rooms can go for double the price. Plus, if you want to keep the price down a bit, you can grab a bite at the McDonald’s near it, instead of going out to a restaurant.

7. Open Mic Nights

RyeMusicians hold weekly (free) open mic nights, along with other amazing events full of performances. Support Ryerson’s new and up-and-coming talent at these open mic nights, because all of the performers are amazing and will truly blow you away. It really is dinner and a show; with weekly shows at the Ram in the Rye, you can even make this a weekly date for the two of you, or even make a nice group date.

8. Free movies at the TIFF Bell Lightbox

Some nights, the TIFF Bell Lightbox has free movies for anyone to see, as long as you get tickets. It’s a great way to expose yourself to movies that aren’t in other theatres. Start off your night with a movie that will obviously be amazing because it’s playing at the TIFF Bell Lightbox, then reach the local restaurants nearby for a memorable date.

9. St. Lawrence Market

Go ahead and have a date in a place that is like one big farmers’ market (partially indoors, thank God, especially during the winter seasons). You can grab great food within your budget and explore the different cultures and foods that Toronto has to offer. From bakeries, meat shops, and even a few stores, the St. Lawrence market is great any time of the year.

10. A RAMS game

Any of the home RAMS games are free with your Ryerson OneCard; however, if your date doesn’t go to Ryerson, the tickets are only $10. Supporting the home team and having a great time while watching Ryerson’s basketball or hockey teams will be a fun time for everyone. Grab a beer and enjoy as our team wins (hopefully!).

11. The Riddle Room

I mean, who doesn’t want to go to  nice café while playing a board game or two? The Riddle Room is located a few blocks away from Ryerson University and you can either book a room or go to their cafe. Having a date here can be fun, nostalgic, and creative for everyone. It’s like spending a night at home playing board games, except you can say you officially went out for the night.

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12. Bubble Tea!

Ryerson has numerous bubble tea locations near the campus. If you and/or your date have never tried bubble tea before, head out to a bubble tea spot. Regularly, an order of bubble tea is around $5 so it’s easy on the wallet. You can go to Chatime or Real Fruit, places that are close to the MAC and DSQ, respectively.

13. Nuit Blanche

One of Toronto’s staple events recently used locations near Ryerson (at Nathan Phillips Square). The whole night is free and it’s a really great way to explore the city and the culture that Toronto has to offer. Although it is extremely crowded, it brings out some great photos and experiences for both of you, plus it’s a reason to do some touristy things around Toronto for a night.

14. The Warehouse

This restaurant is a great place because almost everything on the menu is around $5. The food is great for everyone, whether you’re on a budget or not. You can go ahead and try everything on the menu because the prices are unbelievable, and who doesn’t love stuffing their faces during a date?

15. Have a Picnic!

During the nice warmer months, you can go out on the Quad and have a nice picnic. Grab a few sandwiches, drinks, and snacks to spend an hour or two having a small cute picnic. If you see those cool DIY picnic ideas, this is the perfect time to use them. Plus you two can read a book, or even study . . . if you’re into that, of course.

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Nicole Padilla

Nicole is a first-year Business Management student at Ryerson university. She is an actor, singer, and brand new writer. Society19 is her first experience at writing, outside of school. Nicole hopes to explore the city of Toronto and her school of Ryerson by emerging into the world of business, while interweaving her passion in art to create amazing experiences for herself and her peers.

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