The Ultimate Guide to the Party Scene at Carleton

We may not be located in the 6ix, with a never ending supply of bars, clubs, and all night take-out, but the party scene at Carleton is never a dull one. Although Trudeau has yet to attend a Carleton banger, I’m sure his time will come. After all, at CU, partying is in our nature. Sure GeeGee’s, you may have the downtown advantage, but you lack one thing; the undying urge to get drunk as f**k whenever possible. It’s in our DNA, really. Here’s your latest scoop on the hottest places to be this upcoming school year at Carleton U.

1. Oliver Pub- Thursday Nights

We’ve talked about this one before but in case you forgot, it’s the place to be on Thursday nights for CU students. Starting at the beginning of the year, right through to exam season, you will never be disappointed after a night out at Ollies’. Not only is it located right on campus, but the cheap drinks and hype music will keep you coming back again and again. Another perk? Its just for CU students! Sure, you can definitely bring some outsiders and sign them in, but if you’re interested in a club specifically for ravens- head to Oliver’s on a Thursday.



2. El Furniture Warehouse

Although it may seem tiny, Warehouse is not to be reckoned with. Not only do they have one of the best selfie mirrors in the city, they also have the cheapest food. That’s right, all meals under 5$!! For a Uni student, that’s music to our ears because cheap food = more money for alcohol. If you’re looking for a spot to pre, or just have a night out with some friends and chill, definitely hit up Warehouse.


3. Liquor Store and Greenroom

These sister clubs are a definite reach. If you’re a Carleton student looking for cheap shots and buckets of alcohol, attend one of their block parties for all the fun. Not only will you get a solid mix of EDM on one side, and RnB on the other; you’ll also be able to take part in the famous 1am dance off inviting Ottawa’s finest up onto the bar to show off their best moves to the classic song, “Pour Some Sugar on Me”.



4. Pub 101

Another Thursday night classic, Pub is known to be one of the most diverse clubs in the city. Depending on your mood, you have the choice to chill outside on the patio, hang out on level one and socialize with your besties, head up to level two where the party continues, or hit up level three to really get your party on. With jager bombs only at $3.50 each, you’ll never have to worry about losing your buzz- or your entire paycheck.

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5. Sunnyside Ave

If you’re a house party lover, then this is the street for you. Home to a massive amount of CU students, Sunnyside Avenue is always bumpin with house parties. The great thing about Carleton kids is that we don’t discriminate when it comes to a party, so come in and enjoy the fun! It’s located right across from campus and has a poutine truck located at the other end so those late night cravings for anything juicy, salty and filled with calories can be met no problem.

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