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5 Car Sex Positions That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

5 Car Sex Positions That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

5 Car Sex Positions That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

Trying to get it ON with some car sex positions? If you find yourself in the car when things start to get steamy, this list will ensure you have the BEST car sex, with the BEST car sex positions! A fun location to switch up your bang routine every once and a while, the car (even though it is small) provides a lot of spaces that allows you to enjoy some hot car sex positions! Try out some of these car sex positions with your SO to have a revvvVVVed up good frolic!

1. Backseat Lovin’

If you’re pulled over in your car, and are looking for a spot to do the full on nasty, this position is perfect. A modified version of cow girl, this position works when you’re in a cramped little space, and maybe can’t take all of your clothes off! With the lady on top, less crazy movement is involved, so your sexiness can be contained. Additionally, you can keep your bodies out of view from any back-window peepers!

5 Car Sex Positions That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

2. Give A Lil’ Road Head

Many people’s fantasy, road head is something most of us want to check off our sex bucket lists. Whether you are just sitting in the car or actually driving, this is a sexy way to really heat things up. Giving road head while one of you is driving could potentially be incredibly distracting, so don’t try it if its too much! If not – go for it! This is a steamy move to pull when things are already hot, or, if you just wanna start things off with a crazy BANG!

5 Car Sex Positions That Will Spice Up Your Sex Life

3. Shot Gun Riding

People might see you while you are in this position, which could potentially be an issue, but if you are into people gawking at you (or even just the thought of them maybe gawking) could be so so sexy! With one of you riding the other, and in such a tight space, this move is going to be oh so hot. You can take off lots of clothes for a big naked frolic, or keep them on for a more secretive romp. Whatever you want, the two of you sure are dangerous while you’re shot gun riding!

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4. Backseat Bondage

Take this one to any place in the car. This is definitely a little kinkier, but in the car is the perfect place to start out with a little bondage (if that’s something you want). Whoever wants to tie up the other, grab a belt and tie the other SO’s hands together – maybe even tie them to something in the car (a carseat perhaps?). Now, with the consent and rules laid out with your partner, do whatever sexual fantasy things you want to the, The fact that the two of you are in a small, enclosed space, with lots of windows to get heated, and not too much space to thrash around, means that this will surely be a sexual romp to remember!

5. Spooning – Out Back Edition

A favourite lazy sex position that translates so well to the car. Take this position to the backseat, where the two of you can lie down, spoon together, and bang together! If you’re worries about anyone seeing the two of you having sex in your car, use this position; this low down, no one will be able to see you (and this can add to the excitement!). The two of you might fall asleep together in this position, but who cares, you’ll be pleasured and comfy!

Which of these care sex positions will you try with your SO? What other car sex positions do you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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