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6 Cafes To Study At In Toronto

6 Cafes To Study At In Toronto

Studying in a library can be a drag. It’s usually grey, you’re surrounding by books and academics, which is just what you’re trying to avoid as an overwhelmed student. Here are 6 cafes to study at in Toronto. These spots are quiet, have pretty good snacks, and are much more welcoming than a library. The benefits of studying in a cafe include access to food and a more social environment!

1. The Tempered Room

This cafe and patisserie is located in the heart of Parkdale on Queen West. The Tempered Room, like its name, is a quaint spot with a comfortable dark-rustic atmosphere. The tables in the front are more communal, and the tables in the back are better if you want to brood and textbook-skim on your own. Outside of academics, you can also book their elegant space for a private event or party.


2. Dark Horse Espresso Bar

Despite its name, Dark Horse is a brightly lit space with a spacious and calming feel. It’s one of the wonders surrounding the George Brown campus on Front Street. It also has communal seating and a great view of the outdoors, making it one of the most refreshing cafes to study at. Any of their locations are nice, but the Front Street area is spacious and closer to the water,

3. Cafe Pamenar

A cozy cafe in Toronto’s iconic Kensington Market, Cafe Panemar is a warm spot for hitting the books– or laptop screens.  Their soft, wooden aesthetic is minimalist and will provide you with the mental space to ponder the secrets of the universe. Nature aesthetics can be calming while studying and provide a more positive atmosphere than a dark library. They also close at 12 am, making it one of the best late-night cafes to study at.


4. Istanbul Cafe

Yonge-Eglinton’s only gem amongst all of the construction happening there these past few years. This Turkish coffee house is a true delight. They serve great lattes, and their relaxed atmosphere is perfect for working on creative projects. Their rose latte is a must try: it tastes subtly sweet, and the rose design they create makes for the perfect visual treat. This is also a great cafe to study at if you want to get far away from the Ryerson or U of T campuses.

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5. Tango Palace

Sorry, but you don’t get to tango here. This is also not a palace. Instead, this place gives you cute arty vibes, stained glass windows, and elegant but comfy seating. Not what you expected from a place called Tango Palace, but it does make a great cafe to study at! It’s located in the lively east-end neighborhood of Leslieville, but it’s also not a far commute from downtown. You’re going to want to take the 501 Queen streetcar for several minutes past Yonge street.


6. Reunion Island

A fresh space located in the vibrant Roncy Village, Reunion Island is the bright, welcoming space you need to get you motivated. It’s clean white walls and ties also make it a great Instagram spot. If you haven’t visited this area of Toronto, Roncy also has other cafes and small businesses that are worth your time. This is a great study option for the warmer months. After studying, you can take a walk down the street and see if anything else catches your interest. A used bookstore maybe? A vintage clothing boutique? The choice is yours!

Are you going to check out any of these cafes? Have you already? Let us know in the comments, and share this post with your study buddies!

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