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A Day In The Life of a WLU Student

A Day In The Life of a WLU Student


Every student’s schedules are different depending on which university you attend, and because of this every student’s daily schedules are so different from each other! Keep reading all about the typical day in the life of a WLU student!

1. First years head to dining hall for all you can eat. Upper years seek the fastest meal they can find because they are late to class already.

The most important meal of the day! If you’re a first year, you’re likely heading to the dining hall for some all you can eat waffles, pancakes, eggs and anything else you could imagine. If you’re an upper year, you are likely making the cheapest and fastest meal possible before heading out to be late to your first class! Adulting sucks!



2. You head to class, but you’re still tired because any class before 1 PM is still early.

No matter what you’re in, this is the worst time of day! Whether its an 8:30am or a 12pm, we all know if your class is before 1pm its still morning. You may find yourself falling asleep, or being unable to focus, but just remember, this class will take you one step closer to the most expensive paper of your life!




3. You rush to Tim’s during break and panic at the long line.

Whether you have 10 minutes or 3 hours in between classes, you are likely rushing to the nearest Tim’s or Starbucks on campus for a midmorning pick me up, only to find that every other student had the same idea. Its a good day if the line is less than 10 minutes.


4. It’s lunch time and you cannot resist your temptation for a union market sandwich.

Whether you are just getting to campus or in between classes, no one can resist the temptation to get a union market wrap or sandwich. Though we are all broke university students, we somehow always have enough funds to grab sushi from bento box or a wrap from Union, and thats 10$ we can justify spending.



5. You take a deep breath and try to make it through your never-ending afternoon class.

This may be even more painful to get through than morning classes, not only are afternoon classes generally longer, but by this time we are all itching to get home or to our extracurricular of the day, but take a deep breath, you’re almost done for today!



6. It’s gym time, and naturally the gym looks like it does on the first of January.

Around 6 each day, the Laurier gym starts to look like January 1st, everyday. This is around the time when most students will be finishing up their days and when most student-athletes will be arriving for evening practice, so the gym is PACKED to say the least.



7. It’s dinner time, and, like breakfast, first years head to the dining hall while older students fiend for themselves.

Whether you just finished practice, working out at the gym or classes, one thing is in common, you are hungry! If you’re a first year, you will likely be heading to the dining hall once again, where you don’t have to worry about cooking but if you’re an upper year, you’ve got to figure it all out on your own.


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8. You begin to question whether you should go out or stay in.

Around 7-8 each night is when we begin to question whether we should or shouldn’t go out that night. There is no denying that WLU has an awesome party scene, bars and clubs. So should you go to Phil’s on a Wednesday or stay home and write that paper? The likely answer is to do both… against your better judgment.




9. You decide to go out, but know you have to choose your days wisely because there is always something going on.

This is something that probably didn’t seem normal when you were in high school, but here at Laurier, there’s a party or reason to go out every night of the week, so choose wisely.



10. You were at Phil’s instead of doing your paper that is due tomorrow at 9 AM, so you spend the rest of your night working on that.

You’re finally home after a long night of partying, but you’ve probably forgotten about that paper due tomorrow and that fact that you have to wake up at 9 for your morning class the next day. Chances are, you’re going to be up all night doing the things you should have been doing instead of being at Phil’s, but thats okay, it will all be done eventually!

And the vicious cycle continues until summer, but you will miss it!



What else happens in a typical day in the life of a WLU student? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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