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How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Professors

How To Build A Good Relationship With Your Professors

Having meaningful relationships with your university or college professors is not an easy thing to achieve. But it’s probably one of the most important aspects of having a successful university life. Here are some tips to ensure you have a good relationship with your professors.

1. Be Confident

Having confidence in class means that you aren’t afraid to answer a question the professor asks the class. You can put up your hand, share your ideas, and embrace the subject you’re learning. Professors love when students engage with the class content and show their enthusiasm for the subject they are teaching. After all, that’s why you chose that class in the first place!

2. Office Hours

A great way to show your enthusiasm for a particular subject – and get to know your professor – is to visit his/her office hours. You don’t have to go every week, but try to go every once in a while to show your interest, discuss class material, and even get help from your professor should you need it. Professors enjoy helping students with the material they do not understand.

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3. Say Hello

When you first enter your classroom, always say hi to your professor with a big smile. They want to know that even though they’re “only the teacher,” they are important and noticed too.


4. Discuss

After class is one of the best times to build a good relationship with your professor. You can ask questions from that lecture, discuss an interesting topic from the lecture, and/or thank your professor for the class.

5. Show Interest

Showing interest in the class material is important, but so is showing interest in your professor as an individual. During office hours, or even after class, ask your professor what he/she is working on (academically). If you are interested in teaching what your professor teaches someday, ask him/her how they went about their education, what they’re dissertation was about, and how they chose what to teach. It’s a great way to engage your professor and show his/her importance.

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6. Stay In Contact

When you’re in your dorm or at home after the school day is done, ensure that you email any of your professors should you have questions about the day’s lectures, upcoming assignments, or even clarification on the material. Staying in contact through email correspondence is another way to build up your relationship.
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7. Share Your Passion

When you do visit your professor during his/her office hours, it’s a good time to share your passion for the subject you are studying with them. For example, if you’re taking a history class and you yearn to be a historian, share this excitement with your professor so that they can get to know you better as an individual. Once they see your passion for the subject they are teaching, and they know your education/career goals, they will feel more connected to you as a student and will want to help you succeed even more.


It takes dedication, interest, and a general passion for the subject matter you are learning to be completely successful in building a strong relationship with your professors. However, any tip you can use will help your professor see your interest and build that relationship you’re striving towards.

Have any other tips to building a strong relationship with your professors? Comment below!

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