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10 Brunch Ideas That Will Be A Hit With Your Guests

10 Brunch Ideas That Will Be A Hit With Your Guests

10 Brunch Ideas That Will Be A Hit With Your Guests

Brunching, regardless of the season, is one of everyone’s favourite means of socializing. From indulging on avocado toasts to setting flat lays for photos, we can’t deny that brunching has become an ultimate tradition for millennial foodies, fashion bloggers, and influencers. While picking between various brunch spots may be stressful sometimes, it also never hurts to throw your own brunch party. Afterall, it’s easy and is less stressful compared to throwing a formal dinner party! Besides, what better way to start everyone’s day than serving savoury breakfast food and fruity mimosas? Here are ten brunch ideas that will surely satisfy any brunch addict out there!

1. Serve a casserole dish.

Starting with the basics, you can’t have a proper brunch party without having some kind of casserole dish. Some of the most popular meaty dishes include Black Forest Ham and Cheese Casserole, Sausage and Greens Breakfast or even try this one of a kind dish by The Recipe Critic.

2. Set up a self-serve bar (Coffee, tea).

Providing freedom for guests is always a good idea especially when you’re serving important brunch beverages such as coffee and tea. Setting up a self serve bar is an easy and convenient way to please your guests and encourage them to get caffeine and get their blood runnin’!

10 Brunch Ideas That Will Be A Hit With Your Guests

3. Serving unconventional cocktail drinks such as Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosas.

We love a good classic mimosa but have you ever tried a strawberry grapefruit mimosa? Not only is it easy to make, it is the perfect beverage for non-alcoholic drinkers as it provides a great balance of sweetness and tanginess, which slightly overwhelms the alcohol. Bear in mind that experimenting with different drinks is an exccellent way to excite your guests!

4. Serve canapes or even skewers!

If you know that main courses are going to take a while to prepare, it is ideal to serve canapes or skewers for appetitizers! Consider making egg-centric canapes including Egg’s benedict on crostini or Frittata with spinach and feta. For skewers, you can serve fruits or even mini pancakes!

10 Brunch Ideas That Will Be A Hit With Your Guests

5. Serve cheese fondue!

You can never go wrong with serving some kind of cheese spread for brunch especially when you have cheese fondue! This is a good way to twist your typical cheese and cracker spread and is undeniably mouth-watering!

6. Set up a themed playlist using a record player.

The best way to exhibit a particular ambience for your brunch party is by setting up a music playlist. Regardless of what music theme you’re going for, a fixed set of songs should get conservations started in the table. Use a record player if you want that vintage vibe!

7. Set up a simple yet colourful floral arrangement!

For brunch decors, quality over quantity is everything. We are not preparing a table setting for a wedding. Floral arrangements for brunches should be minimal, but hearty and intimate. Floral suggestions include roses, tulips, calla lilies, and hydrangeas. For containers, consider using clear jars, or even an unused clay pitcher!

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10 Brunch Ideas That Will Be A Hit With Your Guests

8. Prepare a customized menu!

If you’re celebrating a special occasion and plan on providing guests food options, it’s creative and practical to have customized menus! They are easy to make and give your guests a feeling of exclusivity.

9. Give away party favours!

In relation to the above idea, the best way to put the cherry on top of your successful brunch is to give your guests party favours! This will certainly delight everyone, and they will be looking forward to the your next brunch for sure! Popular party favour ideas include home-baked cookies, a few of high-quality tea bags, or even small potted herbs!

10 Brunch Ideas That Will Be A Hit With Your Guests

10. Set up mini table games

If you need to increase the entertainment level of your brunch party, then games are your best bet. Brunch obviously involves eating but what do you do after eating? Depending on the theme, there are a number of games and activities you can do. “Two Truths and One Lie” is an ideal game to get to know your friends and family better!

What other unique brunch tips and hacks can you share? Tell us below!

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