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10 Best WLU Game Day Outfit Ideas

10 Best WLU Game Day Outfit Ideas

Homecoming is here golden hawks! Get ready for three days filled with pride, love, and so much cheering you will lose your voice. Have no clue what to wear to the tailgate, big game, or after party? Here are 10 cute game day outfits to feed your inspiration. So keep reading for 10 best WLU game day outfit ideas!

1. WLU Pride

School merchandise is the best way to go. Let everyone know you are proud to be a golden hawk. Wear anything you got from socks to t-shirts to snapbacks. Check out the bookstore before the game they have a ton of options, but warning they are pricey so be prepared.



2. Comfy Casual

Messy bun, ripped jeans, classic tee, converse and aviators. This outfit is my go to because I have all of these items and they always pair well together. Throwing in a green army jacket adds a little grudge to the look and it will keep you warm later in the night.



3. Bleeding Purple & Gold

Don’t have any Laurier clothing yet? Don’t sweat it, sporting your school colors does the job too. Go all the way too with painting your nails purple, purple or gold earrings, gold eyeshadow etc….

4. Short and Cropped

Feeling girly for the game, pair a fitted skirt with a cropped sweater. This outfit is perfect with some booties or riding boots. You don’t even have to wear school colors you can keep it neutral with browns, blacks, grays, and whites.


5. Baby It’s Cold Outside

You never know when winters coming, late September or early November, who knows? If it is cold on game day for sure add a cute beanie, leg warmers, scarfs or vests to your outfit. Better to be safe than sorry.

6. Preppy and Classic

This outfit is a true fall outfit and is perfect for game day. Is your style more classy then boho? Pair some classic jeans with a school sweatshirt, a big statement necklace, some cute booties and sunny’s. Putting your hair in a ponytail will tie the whole look together… okay bad pun.


7. Sorority Sister Boho-Chic

If it turns out to be really warm, don’t sweat it. Wear a loose flowy dress to keep it casual. Again pair it with some sunnies for when the sun goes down and of course a smile.

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8. Jersey Girl

Girlfriend of the football player or just really into football? Pick up your favorite players jersey and sport it at the game with some leggings. Not only is this outfit super cute but it’s very comfy.



9. Overalls

This outfit if perfect for game day, it’s so simple and chic. Pair it with a ball cap and some bold red lips.

10. Tailgate Pro

Classic graphic tee, and shorts with a ball cap. Simple, and gets the message across especially since the best part of homecoming is the tailgating parties.


What are your favorite WLU game day outfit ideas? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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