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10 Best Brunch Restaurants In Toronto

10 Best Brunch Restaurants In Toronto

It’s 10:30 am, you’re not in the mood for a McDonald’s egg mcmuffin or a donut from Tim Hortons, so what do you do? Most restaurants or fast food chains have not pulled out their lunch menus yet which leaves you with one other option: brunch. The question is, in one of the biggest cities in North America, where does one eat brunch in Toronto? The following ten restaurants are some of Toronto’s finest brunch cuisines that will surely have you up on your feet and making brunch plans in no time. Keep reading for the 10 best brunch restaurants in Toronto!

brunch restaurants in Toronto

1. The Good Fork

Located in the Jane and Bloor area, otherwise known as the heart of Etobicoke, The Good Fork is by far my favourite brunch restaurant in Toronto. The staff are kind and courteous and there is rarely a long wait before being seated. Recognized by Torontonians for their infamous red velvet pancakes, The Good Fork always has new brunch creations being whipped up in their kitchen.



2. What A Bagel

Calling all bagel lovers! With multiple locations all around Toronto, What A Bagel will surely cure your bagel and brunch addiction. With their multitude of regular style and gourmet bagels, What A Bagel is definitely a spot to hit up. This franchise is the first to introduce rainbow bagels, a gourmet bagel trend that has traveled from New York to Montreal and now resides in Toronto.



3. Caldense Bakery

Situated all throughout Toronto, Caldense Bakery is a traditional Portuguese-style bakery which masters the fine art of breakfast, lunch, and brunch cuisine. Whether you’re in the mood for a delicious custard tart, a Tosta-Mista (a grilled ham and cheese sandwich), sunny-side up eggs or a soup, Caldense is the perfect spot to eat at anytime of the day.

4. Saving Grace

Downtown Toronto is the true definition of the word “vast” when it comes to selecting a dining option, but if you happen to be in the Dundas West area and are in the mood for brunch, Saving Grace is definitely a place to check out. Famous for their “Espressado” (that’s right, a wacky combination of espresso and avocado), Saving Grace is definitely the place to be for an intriguing brunch experience.


5. Bonjour Brioche

French pastry lovers, come one come all. This bakery café located in the Queen East area of downtown Toronto has everything you need to cure your sweet tooth. Need a brunch spot to try new fruit tarts with friends? A new date spot to devour éclairs with your significant other? Bonjour Brioche should be the next on your list.


6. Okay Okay

Hangovers- they suck. We all know the rough aftermath that follows a heavy night of drinking but where do you get real food to cure this nasty state? Remaining in the Queen West area, Okay Okay is the place where you can show up in last night’s dress and have no shame. Their delectable eggs and buttermilk pancakes will cure any state of your hangover and what could be better than all day breakfast? Nothing.

7. The Westerly

Located in one of Toronto’s oldest neighbourhoods, this franchise is a kitchen by day and a bar by night. Some of the best Eggs Benedict in Toronto can be found here served on top of multiple biscuits. Known for their creative variations of French toast, if you need a new brunch place to visit, take a trip to Roncesvalles to find The Westerly.




8. Starving Artist

When thinking of this restaurant, one word comes to mind: waffles. This is one of the only restaurants in Toronto in which their main course is…you guessed it, waffles! Whether you’re in the mood for a regular Belgian waffle or a new creation like a waffle BLT, Starving Artist on St. Clair West will surely cater to your every wish.


9. The Old Mill

One of the classiest and most traditional restaurants in all of Toronto, The Old Mill is the perfect brunch spot. Whether you’re hosting a brunch party or high tea, their savoury finger sandwiches filled with egg salad and lox are to die for. Their staff are incredibly professional and the location itself is the definition of timeless.



10. Butter Avenue

Did someone say macaroons? Butter Avenue is hands down the best place to get macaroons in Toronto. I know what you’re thinking; macaroons aren’t really a brunch food but once you’ve had Butter Avenue macaroons, you’ll want to eat them during every hour of the day. Constantly switching their flavours for new, creative ones, along with their other pastry like delicacies Butter Avenue is the trendiest breakfast, lunch, brunch, dinner and snack restaurant in Toronto.



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