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Best Tips On How To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Best Tips On How To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Best Tips On How To Increase Your Instagram Followers

Ever since its launch in 2010, Instagram has been one of the most powerful social media platforms used for acquiring revenue and fame. The high profile figures that we know today that include celebrities, influencers, and bloggers, have utilized the app as a primary tool to showcase their works and projects, allowing them to obtain major sponsorships globally, and ultimately, skyrocketing their fan count. Obviously, their popularity didn’t occur within a small time frame. With millions of competitors on Instagram, there is a proper procedure in which one must adhere to ensure a steady streak of growth. Here are 9 useful tips to naturally increase your Instagram followers for those who intend to build their career out of the platform.

1. Create one of a kind content

With millions of Instagram users from all over the globe, your feed must be able to stand not just aesthetically but also qualitatively. Rather than focusing on posting just pretty images, consider how each post can influence and benefit a user in the most positive way. This is what differentiates good content with exceptional content.


2. Post at the right times

Most people tend to forget this but the time you post on Instagram actually makes a big difference in engagement and eventually, your follower count. Post times obviously vary around the world, but in general, the best times to show your content on Instagram is in the morning, after work, or late at night before bed time.

3. Post frequently

The best way to keep your followers captivated by your content is to post frequently. An ideal number for beginner Instagram users is three per day in order to keep the engagement high. However, never over post because the last thing you want is to overwhelm your fans’ feeds with your content. In addition, make sure that you are still exhibiting quality while being frequent with your posts.


4. Always use hashtags

Every social media addict knows that using hashtags is one of the most effective ways to easily increase your Instagram followers. When posting content, make sure that the hashtags you are using are related to the content and has a decent amount of posts. Don’t pick hashtags that have over a million posts otherwise your photo will easily get lost in that domain of photos. An ideal amount of posts under a hashtag that you are using should be below 100k. Furthermore, make sure your are using thirty hashtags to maximize awareness.

5. Join engagement groups

This method is now popular thanks to the Instagram algorithm. Basically speaking, the way to make your post a top post under one of the hashtags is by engaging instantly. Engagement groups allow you to immediately get likes and comments shortly after you’ve made your post, which lets Instagram know that you are trending. The likelihood of your post being at the top spot of a hashtag is high, therefore there will be more awareness and potentially, more followers.


6. Host giveaways

When you have a fairly high follow count, you may begin hosting giveaways to excite your fans. Start by giving away small products – from skin care or beauty to accessories. To allow participation, make sure your fans tag other people so that they may participate as well or better yet, get a glimpse of your feed. More participants mean higher awareness which allow you to increase your Instagram followers. With bigger sponsorships, this approach is highly beneficial.

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7. Network

Don’t just engage online! Make sure you are attending major social gatherings in your city to help you expand your network and increase your Instagram followers. Ideal events include fashion events (i.e. fashion week), launch events, and conventions. Talk to as many social media figures as you can and let them know about your brand. Once you have fortified a relationship with them, there is a good chance they will promote your page on their social media platforms.

8. Collaborate with other bloggers or influencers

In relation to the above, being part of a blogger or influencer circle is highly useful as you could collaborate with another emerging figure. This doesn’t just instigate creativity, it also expands the span of audience, allowing each individual to benefit from the other. Ideal collaborations include running a contest together, taking over each other’s page, or starting a challenge post together.


9. Use other platforms to promote your feed

For some people, promoting their content only on Instagram may not be enough to increase engagement and followers. A blog website, twitter, and Facebook are all utilitarian platforms that can help you promote your Instagram page further on the web.

Which one of these methods have worked for you? Tell us below!

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