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Best Tips On How To Beautify Your Instagram Feed

Best Tips On How To Beautify Your Instagram Feed

Best Tips On How To Beautify Your Instagram Feed

In this generation, Instagram has not just become a favourite past time but also as powerful tool to earn revenue and fame. The freedom that the social media platform provides its users is expansive allowing a great number of influencers, bloggers, and photographers to showcase their work in the most extraordinary way. From possessing an aesthetically coordinated feed to posting informative and interactive videos, it is not surprising why many creative talents are able to clasp¬†the attention of the biggest companies and firms around the globe. Settings and other apps that are in conjunct with Instagram allow anyone to create beautiful content. Follow these tips and you will surely become “instafamous” in no time!

1. Use VSCO to filter your photos

This app became popular in 2011 and it has been consistently in-demand ever since. It provides a wide range of filters that add the perfect drama or mood to your photos regardless of what theme you are going for on your Instagram feed. It also has numerous settings allowing you to create and customize your own filters!

2. Use Facetune to edit skin imperfections

Regarded as a mini version of Photoshop, this app is highly useful for editing portrait shots. It allows you to whiten, darken, smoothen, tone, or even reshape elements on the face. If your planning to post a lot of selfies or close-up OOTD shots on your Instagram feed, then Facetune is an absolute must!


3. Use UNUM or Preview to organize your photos

These apps are crucial when it comes to beautifying your Instagram feed because they allow you to plan your photos ahead of time! By moving your photos around the grid, you may experiment with colour coordination as well as learn how to balance minimal photos with condensed photos. The apps also give you the option to schedule your photos and captions in the future as well as provide analytics on image popularity and daily engagement rate.

4. Ensure your photos coordinate in colour

Most fashion bloggers and influencers use this simple approach to make their profile stand out. When all your photos are colour coordinated, your instagram feed looks clean and becomes more visually understandable to the eyes. Using too many colours may cause images to clash with each other and lose the attention of the viewer.


5. Write informative or witty captions

Images are only as good as their captions. Therefore, the best way to allow your photos to stand out is by accompanying them with an informative or witty description! If you are promoting products or clothing on your Instagram feed, make sure you are mentioning how you obtain them or you may even provide a concise review. For more general shots, add captions that may intrigue or entertain the viewer!

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6. Maintain a good balance of content to increase profile versatility

Unless your Instagram feed is strictly based on a specific content, make sure you are not drowning your feed with the shots of the same subject. For example, if you want to appear as a blogger on the platform, you may consider adding lifestyle and travel shots and not just pictures of yourself. Finding the right balance of content increases the versatility of your profile resulting in a better impression on popular brands or companies.

7. Collect shots that contain minimal and symmetrical elements

If you are friends with Instagram addicts or religiously follow bloggers or influencers, you may have heard of the term “filler” shots or simply “fillers”. Fillers are shots that may go in between two images that seem to clash or don’t harmonize properly. A great example of a filler is a shot with minimal or symmetrical elements such as a building or even a flat lay. Make sure you are collecting these when you travel or go on a photo session with friends.


8. Balance pictures with negative space and pictures with positive space

In correlation to the above tip, ensure that you are creating a sense of harmony on your Instagram feed, not just colour wise but also subject wise. Do not clutter an area of the feed or grid with too much photos that has a lot of positive space aka detailed photos. Space them out and insert filler shots or shots with enough negative space in between. Like colour coordination, subject coordination is another effective approach to keep your viewers attached to your feed.

To Instagram experts out there, what other effective tips can you recommend? Share them below!

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