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10 Best Spots To Grab Fancy Drinks In Toronto
From romantic nights out or girls night we've got you covered. Keep on reading to learn about the best 10 spots to grab fancy drinks in Toronto.

Planning a night out in downtown can be difficult, whether it’s with a group of friends or your significant other. Deciding where to get drinks and food may seem like the hardest decision to make as there’s so many different places to choose from, but do not fret! Keep on reading to learn about “the best 10 spots to grab fancy drinks in Toronto.”

1. The Cloak Bar

This hidden speak easy has the perfect cozy atmosphere for a chill night with friends or a relaxing date night, not to mention there’s a vast selection of cocktails to choose from!

2. Barchef

This bar takes its presentation seriously! Along with a candle lit setting, they have a nice selection of cocktails like you’ve never seen. Be sure to try their ‘modernist cocktails’ and you will not be disappointed!


3. Voodoo Child

This bar/cafe hybrid is great whether you’re looking for cocktails or coffees by the end of the night, not to mention its perfect for Instagram pictures!

4. Civil Liberties

Civil Liberties is known for making customized cocktails based on ingredients and tastes of your choice so it’s perfect for people who want a more personalized experience.

5. Cold Tea

Bring your friends to Cold Tea for daytime refreshing drinks on the patio while enjoying live dj sets!

6. Bar + Karaoke Lounge

The name explains it all; Bar + Karaoke Lounge provides an amazing karaoke experience perfect for any event!

7. Comrade

Planning a party? Or just bringing a big group of friends? Comrade provides a backroom upon reservation for you and all your friends to enjoy drinks and great music.


8. Nuit Social

This bar is perfect for small get together or romantic dates for people who aren’t into loud and crazy settings.

9. Bar Hop

This is the bar to hit if you’re a beer fanatic; with what seems like an endless variety of beers, Bar hop has great selection (not just limited to beers) for people who know their liqueur or people who want to try something new.

With what seems like an endless variety of beers, this is the bar to hit if you’re a beer fanatic. Bar hop has great selection of craft beers to choose from!

10. The Walton

Another bar/café hybrid that is perfect for those looking to have a chill night out. With the perfect ambience and variety of alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks, the Walton is worth a try!

Do you have any other fav spots for fancy drinks in Toronto? Let us know in the comments below!
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