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The 10 Best Skincare Products To Try Right Now

The 10 Best Skincare Products To Try Right Now

If you're skin needs rejuvenation, these are some of the best skincare products. Whether you're fighting dry or aging skin, these have the best reviews!

We all know how much of a pain it can be to keep up with our skincare routine, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about in our busy everyday lives. However, it’s even worse when our skin retaliates and doesn’t want to be good to us during stressful times. No one said the journey to achieving perfect and flawless skin was easy, but below are just some of the products I personally swear by to make my skin feel better even on it’s worst days. Check out these 10 best skincare products that you need to try right now!

1. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

If you have insanely dry skin like I do, then I’m sure you’re already aware of this product. It’s been rising in popularity because of the fast effects it has on dry skin. Ideally, you leave this mask on over night and once it sets into your skin, your face will feel rejuvenated after you wash it off in the morning.


2. Fresh Sugar Face Polish

Sugar is one of the best natural ingredients and provides so many benefits for your skin. You should always exfoliate twice a week, as it keeps your skin free from dead skin cells. Brown sugar is great for the skin as it is much gentler on the skin than salt-based scrubs. This Sugar Face Polish from Fresh is made with brown sugar and strawberries that will give your skin a smoother and glowy complexion.

3. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

This cult classic from Japanese beauty brand SK-II has really made a name for itself in the beauty industry, to the point where other brands have even attempted to make dupes of the original. Many have dubbed this as a “holy grail” product and have claimed that they saw a noticeable difference in their skin after a few weeks of using it. However, it does come with a high price tag so prepare to splurge!


4. Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II

One of Estée Lauder’s bestsellers, this iconic serum maximizes the skin’s youthful appearance and fights to prevent any signs of aging. Aside from improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, this longtime classic has also been claimed to have helped fade dark acne scars and restore hydration in the skin making it one of the best skincare products to try!

5. Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Said to have been inspired by the “elixir of youth” that was used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary centuries ago, this toning mist is a cult favourite of many makeup artists and even celebrities such as Cara Delevigne and Victoria Beckham. Formulated with grape extracts and essential oils, this mist can be used as a setting spray, or at any time of the day if you just want a quick freshen up.

6. Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment

Another great product from Fresh is the Sugar Lip Treatment. Initially, I wasn’t too keen on spending more than $5 for a chapstick but this became a total game changer for me when Nivea and EOS just weren’t doing anything for my dry lips. With sugar as the main ingredient, this lip treatment locks in moisture and keeps lips smooth even if you’re wearing matte liquid lipstick.


7. TonyMoly I’m Real Mask Sheet

Using facial masks twice a week is a great way to give your skin the treatment it deserves, and what’s great about facial masks is that they come in various kinds for different skin types. This collection from TonyMoly includes a sheet mask that targets every skin concern you can have, from dry to acne-prone skin.

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8. Nature Republic Soothing Gel

What I love about aloe vera is that you can use it for so many different purposes at such a cheap price. While there are many other brands of aloe vera gel, this particular one by Nature Republic is my favourite by far because of its scent and how fast it absorbs into the skin. I swear by this product as a moisturizer for my dry face every day before starting my makeup routine, however it can also be applied on the body and even the ends of your hair.

9. Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Another product I solemnly swear by; this toner by Klairs is great if you have dry and sensitive skin like I do. It’s not only gentle on the skin, but I’ve noticed that my skin has improved since I started using this toner. The consistency is a bit thicker and may feel more like a serum, which is a bit different from your standard toner. However, it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling behind. I’ve become quite attached to this toner and I don’t see myself changing to another one any time soon.


10. Banila Co. Clean It Zero

This cleansing balm from Korean brand Banila Co. is the best makeup remover I have ever used and is the only one that’s removed every single trace of residue from my face before I even use my main foam cleanser. Formulated with papaya extract with Vitamin C, this sherbet gently removes makeup easily so there’s no need to scrub hard.

Do you know of any more products that should be on this best skincare products list? Let us know in the comments!
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