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Best Romantic Montreal Spots To Bring Your Crush

Best Romantic Montreal Spots To Bring Your Crush


Sure, first dates, especially when it’s with your longtime crush, can definitely be stressful. Thankfully for you, however, you live in Montreal. Meaning, Montreal is also known as the city where there is always something to discover, and that also includes the best romantic Montreal spots to bring this crush of yours. So, sit back and let me do all the work for you. At this point, your only concern should be making sure you dress to impress and to refrain from making a fool out of yourself. Easy peasy, amirite?

Venture Up Mount Royal

For lovers of all things nature, you seriously can’t find better romantic Montreal spots than the beautiful mountain itself. You can even go for a picnic or a bike ride together (preferably not a unicycle) if you feel the need. And, if you are feeling extra spontaneous, you can head over together in the evening to watch the sunset. Cheesy, yes. Effective, definitely.

Experience Old Port’s Natrel Skating Rink

Until March 10th, you and your crush can skate (or learn how to skate while making a mockery out of yourself), across the chilled outdoor rink. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to experience the intimate and welcoming village with the likes of Bistro Bonsecours and (plenty) more. 


Having said that, if watching/giggling at your crush slip and slide all over the place isn’t considered romantic, well then my entire life has been a lie.

Visit The Botanical Gardens

No matter what time of the year (except for maybe tornado season), just as is the case with Mount Royal, the Botanical Gardens is one of the best romantic Montreal spots to experience with your crush. Better still, bring them here during the highly-anticipated Gardens of Light festival if you’re really looking to impress. In no time at all, they’ll be whipping their phone out to take 48 pictures and/or selfies.

Adventure Through Museums And Art Galleries

Realistically, bringing your crush to one of numerous museums and art galleries throughout Montreal is a no-brainer. For one, they’ll actually believe that you’re civilized and cultured, and who wouldn’t want that? The city is literally brimming with breathtaking presentations and exhibitions. Who better to experience these moments with other than your crush? No one, that’s who. ‘Cept maybe for that guy over there.


Sip On Some Tip At Cardinal Tea Room

When it comes to romantic Montreal spots, it doesn’t get much better than the Cardinal Tea Room (except for, you know, all the aforementioned spots). Located at 5326 Boul St-Laurent, you’ll impress your crush and your crush’s crush with the charming and relaxing interior of this place. Nonetheless, if they aren’t exactly the biggest tea fans in the city, maybe you should look elsewhere, just a thought.

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Be Oh So Cute Artsy At The Ceramic Café

Yes, you have probably guessed what this establishment entails (located at 4438 St. Denis), and that is creating and painting your very own ceramic coffee mugs (cute concept, isn’t it? No? Alright then stay far away).


If this does sound to you like a rather relaxing and low-key place to bring your crush, then I highly recommend it. Even more so if you feel as if you’d be too nervous to keep up a conversation because, as mentioned, you”ll be painting for the majority of the time anyway!

Take A Trip To Le Pamplemousse Bar

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, there is never a shortage of Montreal bars to experience. Found on 1579 Boul. St-Laurent, Pamplemousse is a cozy/casual bar with a unique (pink-ish) interior, serving twenty different local brews as well as a wood-fired food menu. Can you say faaaancyy? I think not.

If we are being real, there are plenty more romantic Montreal spots to bring your crush. This is simply a much-needed headstart, alright?

That said, where are some of your beloved spots? Please, do tell.

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