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The 15 Best Restaurants In Toronto If You’re Craving Chinese Food

The 15 Best Restaurants In Toronto If You’re Craving Chinese Food

Chinatown isn't the only place to find delicious, hot, steamy Chinese food. Look no further, here’s 15 Chinese food restaurants in Toronto to get your fix!

From the womb, I’ve consumed a bowl of rice everyday of my 19 years of existence. Chinese food is deep in my roots, but it’s not all just rice and wok-stirred veggies. Chinese cuisine is a complete concoction of savoury, salty, spicy and sweet flavours. Chinese food restaurants in Toronto line the streets of Chinatown but that is not the only place to find delicious plates of hot steamy Chinese cuisine. Look no further, here’s 15 mega spots in Toronto to get your Chinese fix:

1. DaiLo – 503 College St. W

This spot, actually located in Little Italy is the perfect Chinese restaurant in terms of ambience, food and service. Although usually quite busy, this bustling restaurant is a gem for its Asian fusion plates. Stop by with a group of friends and try out Chef’s Tasting Menu, just $65 for 10 different items on the menu.


2. Ha Gow Dim Sum House – 988 Danforth Ave.

If you’re a Chinese food lover and haven’t tried Dim Sum yet, get on it! Dim Sum is a popular style of cuisine in which single portions of food are served in steamer baskets. Usually served along with tea, it is the perfect alternative to a typical brunch. Ha Gow is known to have a large variety at an affordable price. No card, so make sure to bring cash!



3. Yummy Yummy Dumplings – 79 Huron St.

Another Chinese classic that is served truly homemade at this location. Along with dumplings, they also offer xiao long baos (a Shanghai classic), wontons, and my favourite, pork buns. If you’re not feeling the restaurant vibes, Yummy Yummy Dumplings also delivers across Toronto!

4. Aroma 98 – 440 Spadina Ave.

With a specialization in Northern Chinese cuisine, Aroma 98 is a restaurant full of aromatic spices and popular dishes like scallion pancakes, beef dishes and signature noodles. With the beautiful wooden interior and lovely ambience, this place is a must-visit!


5. GB Hand Pulled Noodles – 66 Edward St.

Although the menu is a bit limited, that doesn’t mean the food isn’t absolutely delicious. They sell classic Lanzhou noodles with beef while offering 6 different noodle options. With the amazing staff, hearty portion sizes and a special guava candy treat to finish of the experience, GB is an affordable option for all foodies.



6. Lotus Garden Hakka Indian Style Chinese – 3460 Danforth Ave.

Indian x Chinese = best combination ever invented. This little stop is full of mouth-watering goodness and I’m salivating just a bit even thinking about it. This place is definitely worth a visit, especially for the Chicken Pakora and Crispy Beef.




7. Buddha’s Vegetarian Foods – 666 Dundas St. W

Vegetarian Chinese restaurants are hard to come by but this gem right next to Alexandra Park is so worth it. Everything on the menu is vegetarian and they even use imitation animal products such as mock beef, duck and chicken.


8. Mean Bao – 181A Carlaw Ave., 275 Dundas St. W, 167 Bathurst St.

Not only do these locations serve an array of baos, they also offer a handful of dimsum options. Mean Bao is the perfect place to grab a quick lunch or a bite to eat and at such an affordable price (all the baos are around $4).


9. Celebrity Hotpot – 254 Spadina Ave.

Hot pot is a staple for every Chinese family and you can experience it too! Hotpot is an awesome alternative to Korean BBQ or AYCE sushi in which a number of meats, vegetables, noodles and etc. are immersed in a savoury broth. Finish of your amazing night with a range of ice cream that comes with your meal!



10. Phoenix – 3730 Kingston Rd.

This Asian fusion restaurant serves a number of Chinese-Hakka dishes like rice noodles, fried squid and Manchurian chicken. Also with a number of vegetarian options, Phoenix is an affordable and delicious option if you’re ever in Scarborough.

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11. King’s Café – 192 Augusta Ave.

Another gem in Kensington Market and yet another vegetarian restaurant. King’s Café serves a number of dimsum-like dishes as well as sushi, noodles and fritters. The staff are super attentive and the restaurant is clean, minimalistic and you can even get 10% off with a TVA card.



12. Double Ming Chinese Dessert – 4186 Finch Ave. E

I’ve got the world’s largest sweet tooth so we had to stop at a traditional Chinese dessert restaurant. Double Ming serves some sweet classics like sesame balls as well as an assortment of sagos and jellos.



13. Anne’s Magic Kitchen – 414 Dundas St. W

One of my all time favourite Chinese street foods are lamb kebabs. It’s hard to come by a perfectly salty, crispy and juicy kebab but Anne’s Magic Kitchen does it effortlessly. Northern Chinese cuisine isn’t easy to come across in Chinatown so make sure you give this location a try.


14. Rol San – 323 Spadina Ave.

Rol San is a go to for some late night meals with large groups and fast service. They offer all day dim sum and don’t close until 2am!


15. Swatow Restaurant – 309 Spadina Ave.

And we’re ending with another bang, Swatow is my favourite place if I’m craving some food cooked by mom. Everything on the menu is incredibly authentic and you can never go wrong. My favourite dishes to get: garlic pork ribs with yeung chow fried rice.

Have any other favorite Chinese food restaurants in Toronto? Let us know in the comments below!
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