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10 Best Places To Go For Entertainment In Ottawa

10 Best Places To Go For Entertainment In Ottawa

This is Ottawa from my viewpoint - things to see, things to do, things to eat... In my opinion, here are the best places to go for entertainment in Ottawa.

As a Ottawa citizen for 7 months, it’s safe to say that I have adapted to the beauty and the fun entertainment in Ottawa. Here is Ottawa from my viewpoint- things to see, things to do, things to eat… hope this inspires reader’s to visit Ottawa or if you are planning to move, see what you can explore!

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1. National Gallery of Canada

In one of the most beautifully crafted architecture I’ve ever seen, is the National Gallery of Canada. Not only do they showcase many sort of art galleries, aspiring photographs, and preserved art pieces… but they also include a whole cultural scene, with many respects to the Indigenous community. With spacious areas and a lot to see, a great place to absorb some peace… through the beauty of the artistic value, incorporated into the paintings on the walls and the art pieces set up.


2. Rideau Canal

One of the most famous activities in Ottawa, is the beauty of the Rideau Canal. Not only is the Rideau Canal a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it is also open to all for winter activities, including skating in the scenic beauty of the icey canal. The skateway extends almost 8 kilometres, as you can pass by it through the streets of Ottawa. Also, access to the skate way free! With heated huts, BeaverTails pastry shack, and the beauty of Canadian nature along the ice.

3. Parliament Hill

One of the most famous structural buildings in Canada, Parliament Hill is located in downtown Ottawa amongst the busy streets. It is considered the political and cultural heart of the city. The Parliament Buildings, with their unique architecture, host the biggest celebrations in the country, including Canada Day, Christmas Lights, and fireworks for New Years (which I have seen this past New Years, truly a sight to see). Free tour guides are also available.



4. Ottawa Little Theatre

With it’s classic red seats and carpets, Ottawa Little Theatre is the longest running community theatre in Canada. When you walk in, you can see vintage posters from past performances hanging in it’s small yet perfectly cozy building. It’s importance in the arts is culturally significant, as the plays, performances, and shows put on in the theatre were all unique and special in their own way.


5. Casino’s

Casino du Lac-Leamy Getaway, is personally one of the biggest Casino’s I have ever been to. With more than 1,800 slot machines, the Casino is only a short distance from downtown Ottawa, and includes a ton of games, poker, roulette and more. It is also the stadium that hosts many famous concerts and shows, with dining options available.

6. Canadian Tire Centre

Fan of sports? Fan of famous Canadian Hockey teams? This is the place for you! With tons of concerts, sport games, shows taking place at the Canadian Tire Centre, there are a lot of Canadian sport teams, musicians, and artists to catch while you visit.


7. Outdoor Activities

With many historic sights, the beautiful Gatineau Park is not only a sight to see but also a great piece of history, including the first arrival of European settlers and industrial activity. Not only parks, but also Hog’s back park includes waterfalls that connect to the river right next to it. There are other waterfalls in the city, including  Rideau Falls. From the Ottawa River, you can travel along, by boat to catch a close glimpse of the falls.


8. National Cultural Attractions

Amongst the National Gallery of Canada, there are many more museums to check out. The most popular one’s include the Canadian Museum of History, Bytown Museum, Canada Science and Technology Museum, Library and Archives of Canada and my favourite, the Canadian Museum of Nature. These museums devote themselves to science, nature, Canadian history, and technology.




9. Shopping/Dining

The shopping scene in Ottawa is large, including stores, boutiques, malls and souvenir shops. Downtown shopping includes unique boutiques and craft shops, especially from the Byward Market and the Downtown Rideau district. There are also cultural parts of downtown, including Chinatown and Little Italy that offer many shops and restaurants.



10. Festivals

One of the best parts of being in Ottawa, are the constant festivals that are featured year-round as we celebrate specific aspects of our community and culture, including the arts (Ottawa Little Theatre) and music (jazz festival!). Ever heard of WinterLude? One of the biggest and best celebrations, it includes many festivities such as mazes, obstacles, races… and festivals that include concerts and art performances as well. No matter what the cause of the celebration, it’s always a great time to have fun!


What is your favorite places to go for entertainment in Ottawa? Share in the comments below!
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