10 Best Places To Cry When You Just Cant Anymore At McMaster University


Let’s all agree that university is not stress free. Whether finals are hitting you too hard or you had one too many all-nighters, a good cry always seems to change things. Let’s be real, if you are not crying and having an existential crisis once a week, are you a true university student? But where are the best places to cry at McMaster University? McMaster is a beautiful campus that offers many places to cry it out and here are just a few that comes to mind.

1. McMaster Biology Greenhouse

Located between Hamilton Hall and The Refectory (Phoenix and Bridges Café), this is a scenic place to cry. Surrounded by plants and greenery that provides a sense of comfort, the greenhouse is quite hidden from the busy student traffic so you can cry in peace. Also, you can water the plants with your tears so #bestofbothworlds.

2. Beside Willy Dog

I mean, it’s the pinnacle hot dog stand on campus. If you’re the type of person who cry-eats, definitely Willy Dog is for you. Located right outside of Gilmour Hall, it is in the main hub of student traffic, so it won’t be a peaceful cry but hey, you get food…



3. William McMaster’s Lap

Okay, this is a bit of a weird one, but this is more towards the lonely hearts out there. William McMaster’s statue comes with a long bench you can lie down with your head in his lap and cry your heart out. He will not judge you and is a great listener to the person that broke your heart. Plus, your tears can fall on him without damage.

4. Thode Basement

Thode Library is a crazy place. It’s a library suited for the engineers and no matter what time you go, you are bound to see poor students knocked out or the frazzled student who looks to be one coffee away from a crash. However, despite being a quite busy library, the basement provides a solace for a good cry. It’s already kinda depressing down there so it sets the tone. You will most likely be joined with few other students having their own crisis, as Thode crushes dreams and aspirations of the young student. I have the hugest crush on this library.


5. Between the Bookshelves of HSL Library

HSL Library is full of students constantly meeting the deadlines of lab reports and papers. If you trek your way to this library, definitely visit the bookshelves in the lower level. It’s a good place to have a silent sob or a few sniffles, plus you can mask your cries in the numerous and gigantic books that are there. HSL is kinda sophisticated though, so when you stop crying, do hold your head high and nose turned up.


6. DBAC Showers

Shower cries are the best. Let’s be honest, the hot water cascading on your face while your tears are running down your face? C’mon, that sounds great to me. However, sometimes showering at the comfort of your home is not always an option. DBAC is a great place to take a shower and have a good cry while your at it. There won’t be that much judgment because you can play it off by having sore muscles from lifting weights. I would definitely not encourage you to make this your go-to spot, especially if you don’t work out or hold a gym membership.



7. McMaster Football Field and Bleachers

The football field has always been held with crazy energy events, but when you catch it empty and quiet, it definately provides a great space to come think and cry it out. The football field is usually closed and you won’t be allowed access but the behind the bleachers is an equally good place to have a good cry, without any one to hear you. It’s quite isolated from the rest of campus which provides you a no stress zone.



8. The washrooms in front of Celebration Hall

Celebration Hall is hidden from campus itself. You have to travel using the underground pathways in order to get to this place and it carries a very sketchy environment. Celebration Hall caters to events and functions throughout the school year, but it’s not an everyday thing. The washroom located right in front of it is rarely used and provides a good place to let your emotions out. The stalls there provide nice privacy and the halls leading to it are quite dimly lit so people won’t see your blotchy face when you exit. Quiet hallway, isolated bathroom? Sign me up!


9. JHE 376

This is pretty busy lecture hall but if you get the chance to be it when it’s empty, it’s a great place to have a good cry. The seats are pretty comfy to have a nice lie down. You do have to climb those endless flights of stairs but it’s worth it when you have a huge lecture room to yourself. Plus, with the double doors, you will know when someone is coming in, so you can quickly turn on to Titanic and at least they’ll have a good understanding. #jackiloveyou

10. Any Basement Tutorial room

If you ever find yourself travelling down the underground pathway from MUSC, you will notice a ton of tutorial rooms, majority of them not even in use. Underneath KTH, CNH, TSH and DSB, the tutorial rooms have a great space to have to yourself to just pour out your emotions. It’s a cool because there is a unwritten rule that if the tutorial room is closed, it usually means that it’s occupied so you can cry your heart out with no interruption. Plus, it’s open 24 hours, only occupied when there are classes but otherwise, feel free to use these rooms as much as you can!




Make sure you take time out to take care of your self, crying is an okay thing to do! There are many campus resources that can help you in any situation and don’t worry, it’ll be okay! Unless you have 8:30 classes every day…

Where do you think the best places to cry at McMaster University are? Comment below!
Featured photo source: tumblr.com and mapio.net
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