Top 10 Best Clubs In Toronto

Toronto is known to be a party city with crowded streets and bright lights in downtown. Music and lounges are what Torontonian’s do on their personal time. Dancing is recommended but is optional! But where do you go? Here is a guide to the top 10 best clubs in Toronto that are always popping and fun!

1. Uniun

This makes the top of the list for the best clubs in Toronto, but they are all really great! Located at 473 ADELAIDE ST. WEST, TORONTO, ON, with a $20-25 entrance cover. Located in the middle of downtown, is known as their ultra-modern technology mixed with appeal. There is multi-dimensional audio and visual imagery that gets you hooked onto this place!


2. The Hoxton

Located at 69 BATHURST ST, TORONTO, ON, M5V 1M5 with a $15-20 entrance cover. It is a fairly new club that used to be Sicty-9 Lower on Bathurst. It has a grey stage with DJs or live bands play with great lighting. It is only open on Friday and Saturday night and is intended for young adults.


3. Wildflower

Located at 550 WELLINGTON STREET WEST, TORONTO, ON, with a $15-20 entrance cover. It is located within the Thompson Hotel and is one of the newest nightlight destinations as well. It has special focus on pop art, design and world-class music. It gets extremely busy after 12pm, so do NOT leave before and assume it is a bad club!


4. Cube

Located at 314 QUEEN STREET WEST, TORONTO, ON, M5V 2A2, with a $15-20 entrance cover. Where individuals are met with superior design, fantastic mood and art to create a masterpiece. Crowded place with lots of people, which makes it fun to dance and have a great time!

5. The EFS

Located at 647 KING STREET WEST, TORONTO, ON, with a $15-20 entrance cover. This place is for young adults who are over 21 years old and want a more lounge spot! The name stands for “Everything’s For Sale!” It offers a large rooftop, which is extremely popular in the summer times to chill and have a few drinks. They have hookahs for people who are shisha lovers.


6. Lost and Found

Located at 577 KING STREET WEST, TORONTO, ON, M5V 1M1, with a $10-15 entrance cover. Inspired for people with a sense of adventure and sweet music. The space speaks of history with the exception of a younger crown to have an experience like no other. Many Celebs are seen at this popular spot, you might get lucky and run into one of them!

7. Maison Mercer

Located at 15 MERCER STREET, TORONTO, ON, with a $20-25 entrance cover. They have frequent events and they are worth going to! One of the biggest clubs in Toronto that has an amazing sound system and lighting. It is for nightlife, as well as corporate parties with a beautiful venue.


8. The Ballet

Located at 227A OSSINGTON AVENUE, TORONTO, ON, M6J 2Z8, with a $10-15 entrance charge. This club is for ladies over 21 years old and over 23 years for men. It has pink neon light that is over their sign on top of the doors, and within the club. They have crystal chandeliers and have routine performances by local and international talent. This place is seen as more upscale and defiantly a fantastic time!

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9. Cabana Pool Bar

Definitely one of the best clubs in Toronto! Located at 11 POLSON ST, TORONTO, M5A 1A4, ON with a $15-20 entrance cover plus $10-15 for pool entrance. It has a beautiful view as it is beside the lakeshore. This place is known for their pool and luxuary pricate cabanas that is a perfect lounge environment. It is an enclosed patio area beside the pool!


10. Muzik

Located at 15 SASKATCHEWAN RD, TORONTO, ON, M6K 3C3 with a $20-25 entrance cover. You could get in for free before 5PM without pool access on Friday and before 2pm on Saturday and Sunday. Simlar to Cabana, this is a unique club as they offer “Beach Muzik” in the summer with a beach theme and a pool. It is an outdoor patio club/lounge in the summer and a closed space in the winter. They offer spa services, has gift shops and free wi-fi!


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