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The 10 Best Cafes In Toronto You Need To Visit

The 10 Best Cafes In Toronto You Need To Visit

If you're a coffee lover, or enjoy tea, desserts, pastries and good food, you need to try one these best cafes in Toronto! These Toronto cafes are so cute!
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Been lounging around all summer or partying too much? Either way, these cafes in downtown are the solution to all your needs. Check out some of these great places where you can lounge around with a group of friends, order drinks to get a little tipsy or even grab a meal if you are hungry. Below are the 10 best cafes in Toronto – enjoy!

Games + Coffee = ?

Try: Snakes & Lattes

Want to play board games while sipping coffee and eating dessert? Snakes & Lattes is the place to be. It is located in the heart of Little Italy, so you have the options of checking out the area. Snakes & Lattes has a variety of games such as Star Wars Trivia, WWE Showdown, Roll For It, Pyramid Poker, etc. And with such a laid-back environment, it becomes more of a lounge in the evening time!


Feeling American?

Try: Calii Love Yorkville

Calii Love Yorkville is the place to be visit, as it has a Hawaiian and LA inspired vibe. Wondering what Calii is? It is “Strong Woman” in Hawaiian! This Cafe has a great atmosphere, where you can grab a quick bite and have a caffeine boost. Their Smoothie bowls are to die for – with the perfect mix of fruits and nuts.

DJ Cafe?

Try: Logo Bar & Cafe


Yes, that exists! Logo Bar & Cafe is the perfect location to sit in the colourful interior and have a drink, whether it’s a coffee or a cocktail. During the evening, there is a dance floor and guaranteed good beats with the DJ. If you aren’t an indoor type of person, there is also a patio where you can lounge around.

Stuck between coffee and desserts?

Try: Little Pebbles

Now you don’t have to be; Little Pebbles is a small, great bakery that has everything your heart desires! Little Pebbles has French and Japanese cuisine, as they use Japanese juhakuto sugar to add a different flavour to their deserts. The interior design is a look-alike to cafes in Japan, providing lots of cultural insight.


Love brunches?

Try: Cafe Crepe

Cafe Crepe should be your #1 destination. Even though they aren’t open past 11 pm on Weekdays, they are well known for their famous crepes, which are sweet and savoury.  The great pro to Cafe Crepe is their prices, they are affordable and taste delicious, easily making it one of the best cafes in Toronto.


A Coffee Bar

Try: Boxcar Social

Boxcar Social has lots of different selections of coffee that you could enjoy at the Cafe or make it at home. A part from Coffee, do you love Alcohol? More specifically: wine, beer & whiskey? Then you’d love Boxcar Social, definitely a top contender for the best cafes in Toronto. They have three locations, and they are located near or close to Downtown. If you get munchies from all the alcohol, they have a food menu that could catch your eye.

Love Teddy Bears?

Try: Teddy Story

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Teddy Story is the purrfect place if you are an animal lover! The cafe has a teddy-bear theme where you can enjoy coffee of course, but also tea, smoothies, desserts and more. The best feature? They have mini dessert bar options that will make you lick your fingers. You can also purchase a plush teddy bear as a souvenir.

European Coffee

Try: NEO Coffee Bar


Want to travel to Europe? You can feel like you are in Europe if you visit the NEO Coffee Bar. The Cafe shop has a lot of different coffees to try, great food menu and interesting desserts. If you love smoked salmon, this should be your go-to place. Also, their pastries look similar to regular pastries but taste a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Ice cream or baked goods?

Try: Home Baking Co.

At the simple cafe named Home Baking Co., you could have both! It has a “homey” feel with their farm-house style and want to be seen as more traditional, rather than modern. They have icecream sandwiches, carrot cakes and butter tartes that literally melt in your mouth.


Australian Heritage Environment

Try: Black Bear Espresso

The cafe, Black Bear Espresso, is an independent coffee shop that is owned by two siblings. Their parents owned a cafe in Australia for nearly 20 years! Black Bear Espresso also serves pastries with the option of gluten-free available.

Which of these best cafes in Toronto is your fave? Let us know in the comments!
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