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10 Best Brunch Spots In Montreal To Try

10 Best Brunch Spots In Montreal To Try

10 Best Brunch Spots In Montreal To Try

Need a brunch fix at some brunch spots in Montreal? Whether it’s post a night out brunch, hungover-roll-out-of-bed-dead brunch, birthday brunch, or my-mom-is-visiting brunch, this list of brunch spots in Montreal has a lil something for everyone!

1. Le Vieux Velo

Located on Beaubien, Le Vieux Velo serves up the perfect eggs benedict at a perfect price! Each benny (I highly recommend the BAB – bacon, avocado and brie) is served with a salad enrobed in a sesame dressing, and crispy, crunchy, greasy home fries! Their homemade ketchup also knocks it out of the park! Make sure to come early, their weekend brunch line is always popping off.

2. Le Butterblume

A Mile-End favourite, Le Butterblume has your equally beautiful and delectable brunch! An ever-changing menu and assortment of baked goodies keeps their creations in theme with the seasons; their coffee is always to-die-for. While a little bit pricey, their flavour combinations are seriously worth it. You might have to wait around for a while, but the neighbourhood is a perfect place to take a pre-brunch walk – they also have a store next door you can explore!


3. Sparrow

Sparrow typically only has a dinner and late-night food service, but their weekend brunch is one you do not want to miss! With a number of middle-eastern inspired dishes, a breakfast banh mi, in addition to some more traditional brunch fare, Sparrow has got it all! Make sure to get one of their brunch cocktails – Sparrow is usually a bar – as they are divine!

4. Lawrence

With a British inspired menu, Lawrence has a small but pristine brunch. With a number of small plates, as well as elegant pastries and coffee, Lawrence is the bougie spot to start your weekend off right. Head next door to Larry’s (their sister restaurant) if Lawrence is too busy – their brunch is also exquisite!

5. Arts Cafe

While you can come to Arts Cafe for just a coffee and one of their famous scones, you might wanna stick around to try their brunch – it’s deeeeeelish! Serving a number of more unusual brunch choices, or classic brunch fare with their twist, you’ll want to come back multiple times, to truly sample all they have to offer! Their specialty brunch mimosa is THE drink to get.


6. Bloomfield

Bloomfield is the sister restaurant to Le Butterblume, but it’s brunch/lunch deserves its own mention! With a range of small plate items, most notably their Turkish-inspired dishes, Bloomfield is one of those places where you’ll want to share everything! A pretty small restaurant, Bloomfield is an adorable spot to have a cup of coffee and a bite to eat.

7. Le Cartet

Located close to Old Montreal, Le Cartet is a gourmet boutique and food store that offers a classic French brunch! With a large variety of choices in a beautifully designed space, Le Cartet will put a smile on just about anyone’s face!

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8. Cafe Parvis

At night, Cafe Parvis serves unique pizzas and salads in a large, modern space, but in the mornings, their brunch menu is of the hook. As well as having tasty pastries and coffees, their upscale brunch courses are oh-so-good!

9. Hof Kelsten

A modern Jewish bakery, Hof Kelsten also offers up a weekend brunch that is worth waiting til the weekend for! If you’ve only been here for the baked goodies, you HAVE to come for their brunch! Serving Jewish dishes with a hip twist, Hof Kelsten will please everyone!

10. Arthur’s Nosh Bar

Arthur’s is famously one of the best brunches in the city – aka, there’s always a line. But it truly is – with classic Jewish deli food but done in a more modern way, Arthur’s has a ‘nosh’ for everybody.


Was your all-time favourite out of all the brunch spots in Montreal on this list? Fill us in in the comments below!

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