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10 Awesome Montreal Bakeries

10 Awesome Montreal Bakeries

10 Awesome Montreal Bakeries

Need a baked good fix from some Montreal bakeries? Mmmmm smell that in the air? Here are 10 of the tastiest Montreal bakeries to boot!

1. Pâtisserie Au Kouign Amann

While it’s all around a delectable pâtisserie, offering a selection of croissants, cookies and other buttery pastries, there is one treat that stands out against them all: the kouign amann. A flaky, almondy, gooey pastry, full of the richness of butter, the kouign amann is the crown jewel of this plateau favourite. You can get the pastry by the slice, or call ahead and order an entire one to take home! Make sure you get to this bakery early, though – the kouign amann sells out faster than hotcakes!

2. Pasticceria Alati-Caserta

The best Italian bakery in Montreal. Hands down. Located right near Jean Talon Talon market, make sure to mosey your way over to this gem after you’ve finished your grocery shopping. Truly perfect cannolis and lobster tails, with an assortment of flavours, are the best of this bakery’s best. Make sure to head there in the summer, too: their granita and cafe crema is some of the best you’ll find outside of Italy.


3. Léché Desserts

With adorably cute pink interiors, Léché has some adorable donuts to match! The thing to get: their lemon meringue donut is the most popular, and for a reason. It’s a rich fried donut shell, filled with tart lemon filling, and topped with marshmallowy meringue. The perfect quick breakfast if you’re in St. Henri!

4. Cheskie’s

A Montreal institution, this small shop always boasts a big line. With classic Jewish desserts, such as babka and rugelach, you’ll want to try everything! Make sure to get some variety of cheese cake, whether its the chocolate dipped cheesecakes themselves, a cheese and chocolate muffin, or cheese filled chocolate cone! Order a lot, this place gives you big bang for your buck!

5. Mamie Clafoutis

A straight up good French bakery. They’ve got all the greatest hits: chausson aux pommes, pain au chocolat, croissaints, but their namesake, the clafoutis, is the pièce de résistance. Fresh fruit topping on perfect pastry, the best dessert to take to any dinner party!



This is THE. PLACE. FOR. BREAD. A huge variety of loaves, all of start quality, any of these will seriously upgrade your morning toast or lunch time sandwich. Housed in a big, modern building, you might wanna get a coffee and enjoy one of their many fresh baked treats – after you pick up a fresh baked loaf!

7. Pâtisserie Bicyclette

This tiny little spot in Little Italy has some of the most elegant and exquisite baked goodies around. A little bit more expensive, but the unique flavour creations are worth it. Sit down and enjoy a slice of cake in the pâtisserie’s cozy ambience.

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8. Hof Kelsten

A modern bakery with Jewish roots, Hof Kelsten has a cool atmosphere with top-notch pastries. Serving up sweet treats as well as a variety of breads, this is the place to stop in for a coffee and snack. With a weekend brunch menu, you can have a tasty breakfast with a side of baked goods. Make sure to try the rugelach – this buttery jammy, nutty goodness is worth worth coming on its own.

9. St.-Viateur Bagel Shop

Come one! How could you have a list of all the best Montreal bagel and NOT include a bagel shop! While some Montrealers might prefer Fairmont, St. Viateur is the place. Open 24 hours in two locations on the same street, these chewy, sweet and salty bagel are the iconic Montreal baked good.

10. Rustique

A hip little bakery located in St. Henri, Rustique is your new spot for pies. With a huge variety, served in your classic pie size, or as a mini, you can sample all Rustique has to offer. They have all the traditional pie flavours you could want, as well as their own new takes. Get your way over to Rustique for the perfect pie to end any summer barbecue.


Is your favourite sweet treat on this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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