Shannyn O'Callaghan

"Theoretically, my 19th birthday was my 1st birthday. I had not truly begun living until a few months ago. As I grow, I have a genuine appreciation for furthering my education, specifically, studying Communications & Media at the University of Calgary. In my never-ending list of goals and dreams, travelling and eventually living around the world is highly ranked. This goes along with being able to fluently play at least 5 musical instruments, and finding the Jim Halpert to my Pam Beesly! Fun Facts... I put maple syrup on EVERYTHING. Part of my job entails blowing bubbles to kids at parades. ""Good things come in small packages"" is my short-girl-syndrome mentality. Lastly, I'm a fine writer, but I would rather sit in a dentist's office for 2 hours than write about myself for 10 minutes. I sincerely hope you enjoy my articles!"

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