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Top 8 Androgynous Fashion Brands We Love

Top 8 Androgynous Fashion Brands We Love

Androgynous, genderless, or gender-neutral fashion is defined by implementing a binary-rejecting approach in fashion design to produce pieces that cater to both women and men as a whole. As we are currently in the age where avant-garde fashion is on the rise, designers have become more motivated to create clothes that not only possess unconventional aesthetic but also gender fluid fits. The numerous LGBT figures that we admire today have endorsed such designers and their brands making unisex fashion louder than ever! From local to international, here are 8 androgynous fashion brands that have been making significant waves in the global fashion scene!

1. TooGood

Launched in 2013 by sisters Faye and Erica Toogood, their genderless and sustainable label is renowned for producing collections inspired by utilitarian workwear. Pieces are primarily minimal and consists of quiet details that just add enough statement. Some are even made of unconventional materials such as tarpaulin. Their capsule denim collection, which is designed and manufactured in Britain, has been a major hit as it consists of four unisex styles and is made using distinct selvedge denim.


2. OneDna

Born in the fashion capital of New York, Travis Weaver aims to remove clothing norms in regards to age, race, and gender. His four year old brand completely embodies androgynous fashion, accommodating to most body types without compromising style. Versatility is also achieved through the use of minimalist colours and materials that are practical during all seasons, making the pieces appropriate for everyday wear.

3. Rad Hourani

Known for releasing the first gender neutral unisex collection in 2007, the multi talented Canadian Rad Hourani creatives collections to help individuals liberate themselves from standards that do not directly define them.  Relying mostly on his knowledge of anatomy, his pieces are mainly based on clean lines, symmetry, and rectangular shapes in order to cater to everyone’s taste regardless of gender and age. Being showcased at Paris Couture Fashion Week and Arab Fashion Week, his brand is currently at the forefront of androgynous fashion.


4. Andrew Coimbra

Another Canadian designer is making noise in the gender neutral fashion scene and his name is Andrew Coimbra! Rather than focusing on minimalism to accommodate both sexes, the emerging figure takes elements that we generally see in both menswear and womenswear and blends them to create distinctive pieces. He claims that his inspiration rooted from his habit of shopping at men and women’s department stores upon growing up.


5. Phluid Project

Like what its name suggests, Rob Smith launched the first and only gender fluid retail store in New York that doesn’t just allow people to show but act as a community space for workshops and sharing creative ideas. The store carries most pieces from the in-house brand as well as from notable labels such as Doc Martens, Le Spec, Gypsy Sport, and Champion. They also carry beauty products including Fluide, a new genderless makeup line.

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6. Yohji Yamamoto

If there is a country that fully embraces genderless fashion, it would be Japan. Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto, who is based in Tokyo and Paris, revolutionized the world of fashion by furthering the avant garde movement  with his unconventional designs based primarily on Japanese aesthetic. Stating that he “wanted to make men’s clothes for women”, his pieces are mostly in colour black, oversized, and have draping features. Yamamoto has garnered numerous prestigious awards and has collaborated with A-list figures around the globe, easily making him one of the most influential androgynous designers of all time.


7. Issey Miyake

Following the tradition of genderless fashion design in Japan, Issey Miyake has been noted for his collections that are inspired by technology, specifically on the manufacturing process. He creates minimal pieces with avant-garde elements that are everyday wearable but also have the ability to bridge older styles with contemporary styles. Like Yamamoto, he has acquired numerous awards making him a highly in-demand designer today.


8. Lucio Vanotti

An icon in the Italian fashion industry, Vanotti specializes in generating minimal pieces infused with European elegance. His designs which feature relaxed drape and folds cater to most body types and rely on light colours for further versatility. Focusing on the concepts of simplicity and rationality, he cites minimal artists and the 60s architectural movement as his primary sources of inspiration.

Which androgynous brand would you consider wearing? Tell us below!

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