An Open Love Letter To Calgary University

Attending Calgary University is the best. Here is a letter of appreciate for the university that is shaped who I am.

A Love Letter To Calgary University

Dear Calgary,

One maybe able to claim that they can have several homes all over the world, however, there can be only one original home city. Calgary, the cousin of Edmonton and the heart of the New West is my parent, my sweet parent. You were there when I took my first steps, you treated me kindly and scolded me when needed. From the NE and the surrounding area, you taught my parents how to raise a child, even in the coldest of your days, you supported us with a cool yet tender embrace. Aloof at times, I sometimes wondered if I did anything to wrong since you are my parent and elder. If did, I apologise for doing so. I shall do this by praising your merits.

Vast Expanse


Nonetheless, no matter how frustrated I get, you, my home city shall always be with me. The culture of the cowboy still rings within your heart as it does in mines. We are both poets in our own right as our souls compete with the children of Edmonton. Your malls and your wide urban sprawl remind me how much you love neighbouring land and love your children. No matter how far amenities and fun places are, you provide a way for us to improve our patience. Your downtown core bustling at night with your other children, cheers me up because I know that I am not alone here.

The Stampede which you offer is a delectable joy, a joy which I wish I could have enjoyed more. For the heart of the cowboy lays there and I wish to enshrine it.  Nonetheless, I shall honour you in a different way with the cowboy in mind. Independence, cheeriness, and youth come to define us both. From the dry foothills of the Hamptons and Edgemont to the flats of Kensington and City Hall, my heart soars every moment, knowing that you my parent, Calgary, is always with me whether I be in here physically or elsewhere.

A rainbow


I met my friends here, I met my family’s relatives here, I gained my education here. Calgary oh Calgary, one of your children gave me pleasant memories and that child is no other than the Calgary Public Library. It gave me its resources out of kindness and helped go through school. It seemed stern at times as I forgot to return its precious books on a few occasions, nonetheless, I love it as much as you my sweet parent. Finally, here in the hills, you gave my parents a humble roof where we can make memories with each other.

As my parent and home, you deserve the utmost respect like my own father and mother. I sometimes may get angry at you, but nonetheless, that is trivial and it shall not interfere. No matter where I am my kind parent, my heart is yours as it soars from the other cities back to here.






Your child

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