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An Open Letter To The Horrible Customers You Serve In Retail

An Open Letter To The Horrible Customers You Serve In Retail

Horrible customers exist everywhere, no matter what job. This is an open letter to the ones I encounter in retail.

Horrible customers are a part of working in retail. Working in any customer service job has its horrible downs and very few ups, I am beginning to realize. I was aware that humans as a whole are rude and entitled, but I am still shocked almost daily at the amount of savagery and disrespect customers show to the sales associates daily. This is an open letter to all the horrible customers I’ve encountered.

Dear Horrible Customers,

Yes, you, demanding my undivided attention even though I was helping someone else before you stormed in. I will help you pick out a sweater for your little getaway with your husband in a moment, you see, this woman was here first and she needs my help finding a pair of leggings that fit just right.


I Am Only One Person

I know you are used to more than one person working at a store, but we are short staffed tonight. Yes, I know that is not your problem, but it isn’t mine either. I have two hands and a pair of ears, I will get you to you when I can give you my undivided attention. Also, your huffing and puffing are just going to make me go slower with my current customer.

An Open Letter To The Horrible Customers You Serve In Retail

Thank You For Making A Mess

I know, I guess you weren’t taught what hangers are for, that’s OK, I can show you.  Also, when I kindly tell you to please leave your coffee cup on the counter as so not to spill it on the clothes, please understand that we made this rule because of previous customers who have made messes and stained our garments, so we need to enforce it for everyone, you are no exception.


An Open Letter To The Horrible Customers You Serve In Retail

I Don’t Think You Realize That I Don’t Control How The Company Is Run

Yes, I understand that you want to return something but our return policy is 30 days only, not 60. I know this may be frustrating, I agree, but, me, the part-time sales associate, who has no control over the rules and regulations, can’t change that for you. Perhaps, take your bitchy tone, and negative words over to the Human Resources person whose number is on our website. Perhaps, they have more power and are able to assist you.

I Hate To Tell You But The Customer Is Not Always Right

Despite that horrible phrase that is drilled into our brains from our very first retail job, it is not true. If I tell you that our computer system doesn’t allow certain functions, it doesn’t allow certain functions. If I say that those two blouses, although they look similar, are a different cut, then, my dear horrible customer, they are a different cut. Trust me, I slave away at this store, I know our product.


An Open Letter To The Horrible Customers You Serve In Retail

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Please do not come in at 5 minutes to closing and say ” I know you’re closing in 5 minutes but I just want to try on a few things.” I am fully authorized to tell you,’ sorry you will have to come back tomorrow we open at 10 because I am clocked in from 10 to 6, no later, sorry.’ When you make a big fuss and complain, you are only making yourself look worse, and my sympathy for you decreases by the double.


An Open Letter To The Horrible Customers I Serve In Retail

Someone Made A Mistake With Your Purchase

Yes, I agree it can be frustrating if your bill isn’t accurate and you have to make a special trip to our store to get it fixed but I can assure you, no one did it on purpose, mistakes happen, we can fix this together and make sure you leave happy. Your whining and nasty comments because of the inconvenience you are experiencing is unacceptable, is falling on deaf ears because once you turn rude, I no longer care and I stop listening.  There are worse things going on in the world than the fact you got charged twice for a pair of $6.00 socks.

Common Sense Is Not So Common

Maybe, you have never worked in retail before, never had to do the tasks we had to do, even so, whether you work in retail or not, common sense should tell you to pick up after yourself, be polite, be respectful, understand mistakes can happen. Being a horrible person does not make the situation better at all, and just ruins my day when in all reality, I’m just trying to work to get by, like everyone else in this city. Compassion goes a long way, so maybe check yourself and attitude before you come into a store looking to cause hell, it benefits everyone if we all respect one another no matter what the scenario.


Everyone has at least one story they can share about dealing with the public. What is yours? Comment below!

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