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An Open Letter To My Favorite Celebrity Crush

An Open Letter To My Favorite Celebrity Crush

Zach Efron has been my long-time celebrity crush. Here is a list of all the reasons why I adore this absolute hunk of a man!

We all have a famous Celebrity whom we can ardor and admire. But what about your Crush?  It is no big surprise for those that know me Mr. Efron is my Celebrity Crush, my ideal man. When I tell my friends they tease me, because if your someone that knows me really well you would probably associate me any other actor. It’s one of those things that I can’t really wrap my head around in the terms of why. I can just say is yes I am attracted to Zac Efron!  Sorry, Mr. Depp, you have been replaced!

“I like when a girl knows how she looks like and dresses to accentuate those features!”-Zac Efron.

It All Started With Wireclub

I’m not much of a person who does online chat rooms. However years ago I came across Wireclub Chat and decided to give it a try. I did not create a profile but just simply logged on as a Guest. I was in a general group chat room and I remember seeing an Avatar head of Zac Efron, can’t remember what his chat name was. Anyhow this person seemed so interesting so I decided to private message him. Our conversation was basically a lot of back an fourth of general things like favorite foods,  and travel, etc.


Then said person asked me if I believed if he was the Zac Efron. I paused for a few moments to think I simply wrote back to said person and told them, ”I don’t know?” After chatting a little more I was the one to end our conversation. Said person telling me I guess I’ll never know, I reinstated back I guess I never will.

When I First Got The Hots For My Celebrity Crush

I am not much of a person for High School Musical and I can honestly say at the time I never really paid much attention in which movies Zac Efron had stared in. For me, it all changed when I saw his 2012 movie At Any Price. It wasn’t Mr. Efron’s greatest movie, but if I may speak for myself and any other women…HELLO! And yes Please! After seeing a little bit of eye candy I found myself on Netflix searching his name and pretty much binge watching anything and everything with Zac Efron.

Was It Really Him?

Time and time again I always wonder if I was really chatting with him. If I were to say anything to my Celebrity Crush it would be this.

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Dear Zac Efron,

I am not one of your hugest fans, but someone who admires both you as your own person and your acting skills. For me to say you as your own person, I think that you are a humble and thoughtful man. A person who gives and contributes full heartedly without having the real anticipation in needing something in return. I find you quite talented within your acting abilities, how you act in comedies then switching your mood into action/drama to me I find that very impressive. Looking forward to your following movie role with you portraying Ted Bundy. Keep up the fabulous work!



There are some people who can get so Star Struck it’s like driving 0 to 200km However this is not me, I more have a 0 to 3 ratio of chances me walking past my Celebrity Crush. But he seems like a rad person to meet go out and have a drink with, or stranded on a desert island with.

I would just want to keep my letter to Zac Efron simple and to the point!

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