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15 Amazing Outdoor Patios In Toronto To Get Tipsy At

15 Amazing Outdoor Patios In Toronto To Get Tipsy At

If you live in the city and you're looking for a new spot to hang out (drink) at, here are 15 of the best patios in Toronto to get tipsy at.

It’s summer aka patio season! If you live right in the city or even in the gta and you’re looking for a new spot to hang out (drink) at, look no further because here are 15 of the best outdoor patios in Toronto to get tipsy at.

1. The Porch

This rooftop patio located in the city’s Entertainment District offers an awesome view of the city and a chill vibe during the day and into the night, making it a great place to grab drinks with friends.

2. Java House

Despite it’s name this place isn’t known for its coffee but rather its $4.00 pints and sangria. Right on Queen Street West this patio offers plenty of cheap options for drinks and food (every uni student’s dream).


3. El Patio

The backyard patio of the tequila bar El Caballito located on King Street West is the place to be for a fun, Mexican experience in the heart of Toronto. And as if an awesome patio with a cool twist couldn’t get any better, they also offer free tacos at midnight Monday through Saturday!


4. El Catrin

Another Mexican place with a great patio is El Catrin, located in the Distillery District. This is an awesome place to hit up with friends to get your fix of delicious food and drinks all while enjoying the warmth of summer.


5. Scallywags

If you’re a sports fan then this is the patio for you. Located on St. Clair Avenue West, Scallywags has the best coverage of international sports and a fantastic selection of beers and food.

6. The Black Bull

Located on Queen Street West this large sidewalk patio has a very relaxed and laidback vibe and offers the best people watching. It as well has a locked bike storage and unlimited bowls of water for your dog if they’re with you. What could be better than a patio, drinks and puppies?


7. Bellwoods Brewery

If you’re a beer lover then you should seriously consider this spot when deciding which bar to pay a visit to. Located on Ossington avenue Bellwoods is one of the best breweries in Toronto and has an awesome little patio to boot!


8. Cafe Diplomatico 

Sangria lovers rejoice because I have the perfect spot for you! Located on College street this Italian restaurant has some delicious food, cheap pints and a great little patio, what more could you ask for?


9. Ronnie’s Local

Nestled right in Kensington Market, Ronnie’s Local is a staple dive bar. It’s patio is great, it’s in an awesome area, you seem cool and authentic because you frequent Kensington market (and also think of the killer insta you’re gonna snap).

10. The Three Speed

Right at Bloor W. and Dufferin sits The Three Speed which has one of the coolest patios to get tipsy at in Toronto. Ya it’s a little hipstery but thats what gives it it’s charm.


11. Hemingway’s

This spot, located in Yorkville, has a laid back feel and the perfect rooftop patio to grab a drink with friends and just relax.

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12. Oasis Rooftop Patio

With a mix of couches and tables this patio offers plenty of space for you and all of your friends to hang out and drink in the summer sun and into the evening.

13. The Bovine Sex Club

The interior of this place is the home to Toronto’s rock music scene however the patio has a less hardcore vibe. With the wooden picnic tables and tiki bar the rooftop patio is a fun escape to get tipsy.


14. Drake Sky Yard

This rooftop patio is one of the most popular in the city and for good reason, its the perfect spot to grab a drink, get something to eat and just lounge with friends.

15. Pauper’s Pub

With a sidewalk AND a rooftop patio you can take your pick of outdoor space to enjoy while getting tipsy.


Do you know any other amazing outdoor patios in Toronto? Let us know in the comments below!
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