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8 Amazing Ideas To Widen Interior Space

8 Amazing Ideas To Widen Interior Space

8 Amazing Ideas To Widen Interior Space

In interior design, the perception of space can be widened by simply choosing the right furniture or decor pieces and not just settling for a bigger room or dwelling. Nowadays, minimalist pieces have become drastically popular because of their ability to widen interior space. Whether you are a student living in a dorm or just an individual residing in a small yet overpriced apartment downtown, there always effective ways to live large, literally! Here are eight amazing interior design tips that will not only widen but also brighten your living space!

1. Invest in multi functional furniture

One of the first things that should be kept in mind when buying furniture that can widen interior space is making sure they are as multifunctional as possible. A variety of current home decors can be stacked, stowed, folded, or wheeled away. Therefore, you may hide these in sight if necessary. There are also furniture that are both decorative and useful including ottomans or sofas with embedded cabinets.


2. Purchase big rugs with minimal prints

An effective approach in making floors appear bigger is by setting up big rugs. Carpets with light colours or colours that camouflage with the floor can significantly widen interior space. When considering on printed rugs, make sure the prints are not too loud that they’ll distract the viewer and make the space seem over-decorated or chaotic.

3. Buy floor to ceiling home decor

When opting on vertical furnitures, ensure that they are tall but still utilitarian. Such pieces will elongate your walls and make you ceilings appear a lot higher than they are. Floor to ceiling furnitures that are worth investing include, vertical bookshelves, vertical shoe racks, and tall lamps.


4. Pick light coloured drapes or curtains

Like rugs, drapes have the potential to widen interior space as well. Picking the right colours to make sure they are blending with the walls is key. Another practical idea is purchasing sheer drapes, which allow light to pass through better and provide a much more open concept to the space.

5. Get transparent or clear furniture

Transparency is a major element that is incorporated in today’s furniture design innovation. Pieces such as glass tables and acrylic or lucite chairs provides a strong illusion to occupants making them think that there is more space than there actually is. In addition, transparent furnitures exhibit a clean look and are very chic!

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6. Install big pieces of art on the walls

If you want to further widen interior space without having to occupy the floor with tall home decors, then installing big pieces of art on the walls may be a good substitute. Tall canvas paintings, photographs, wall decals, or even a clustered set up of different paintings can help enlarge the size of a wall.

7. Get a full body mirror

A terrific example of a tall wall decor that can widen interior space like no other is a full body mirror. Upon immediate glance, occupants will get the impression that the room in which they are in seems larger. The reflection of natural light will also brighten the room, which will ultimately help expand space.


8. Add several lights in one room

Following the principle of brightening space, you may considering setting up a few light fixtures or even a chandelier in your room or house. If natural light helps wide interior space during the daytime then multiple light fixtures should also do the same trick at night.

Which one of these home decor ideas have effectively worked for you? Tell us down below!

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