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10 Amazing Food Places In Toronto

10 Amazing Food Places In Toronto

Toronto is called one of the best cities in the whole world for a number of reasons, and one of them is good food. Check out our list of 10 best Toronto food places.

Whether you call it The Six, T.O, 416, or “The City Where Drake Is From”, Toronto is an amazing city which you honestly have to visit at least once in a lifetime. Here we have listed 10 amazing food places in Toronto for you to visit.

1. Eggspectation

Eggspectation is one of the most popular and highly rated breakfasts and brunch restaurant located in the heart of downtown Toronto. The good rumors wander with a reason – it offers a large variety of meals for every taste, starting from Eggs Benedict and ending with great pasta and drinks. This contemporary restaurant is a perfect place to get together with your friends for a Saturday brunch.

2. Kost

Kost is a chic restaurant and bar located on the 44th floor of Bisha Hotel. In addition to a great menu that is perfect for a brunch or a night out with friends, there is also a gorgeous panoramic view of downtown Toronto, world-famous CN Tower, and Lake Ontario. You have to visit this place especially during summertime – a season of opened rooftop patios.


3. Gusto101

Gusto101 is an Italian restaurant that is well known for its delicious pasta, a large variety of drinks and a unique old-fashioned aesthetic. With a convenient location in downtown, this place attracts people from all over Toronto to experience a cozy and memorable dinner.

4. Sorelle and Co. Bakery

If you are vegan or ever in the mood to try out some vegan food, visit Sorelle and Co. Bakery. Their menu includes a variety of delicious desserts, cupcakes, sandwiches, soups, cakes with coffee & tea. The interior style is very elegant and sophisticated, perfect for some great Instagram pics.

5. Queen Margherita Pizza

Looking for an authentic Neapolitan pizza? Here it is – in Queen Margherita Pizza. Baked in a proper oven and made of the best ethically sourced ingredients, this pizza will literally steal your heart, while cannolis will satisfy any sweet cravings.


6. Assembly Chef’s Hall

Never thought food court and chefs would ever be combined, but here is the magical outcome – Assembly Chef’s Hall! Grab your pals to try a large variety of global cuisines from the very best chefs of Toronto. The menus include ramen, pizza, sushi, Thai and Chinese food, coffee places and vegan & gluten-free food spots.

7. Richmond Station

Richmond Station is a lively restaurant in the downtown core that offers a selection of meals from International, American and Canadian cuisines. On the menu, you can find everything from hamburgers and pierogies to Pecking Duck pancakes and Duck Liver Pate. What differentiates this place from others is their approach – they focus on the ingredients great technique.

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8. Miku

Two words: fancy sushi. Miku is very famous for their signature Aburi sushi, which stands for flame-seared. The flame applied to the sushi changes the internal texture and enhances the natural flavor. Come visit Miku for the most delicious sushi in Toronto, and take a seat at a sushi bar to see yourself the process of making the famous Aburi sushi.

9. Fahrenheit Coffee

There is no better thing in this world than coffee, and if you are craving a truly GOOD coffee – Fahrenheit Coffee is the place to go. They serve a large variety of coffee for people to mix and match and are rated as 5 stars on TripAdvisor. This small downtown place provides the best, in my opinion, coffee in Toronto.

10. Wanda’s Pie In The Sky

Oh yeah, the title is correct, and yes – the pies indeed bring you to the heavens straight away. If you ever feel homesick, or just crave great homecooked meals, this place is for you. Come for a hearty lunch or to take a bite of a picture perfect Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (or another one of dozens of options they have – honestly, they are all amazing)!

Have you ever been to Toronto or want to visit? Let us know in the comments below.
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