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10 Amazing Food Places In Montreal You Should Know

10 Amazing Food Places In Montreal You Should Know

Knowing where to eat in a big metropolitan city is vital. Luckily for anyone visiting the city, Montreal has some amazing food places for just about any type of food you can thing of! Being a Montreal girl myself, I’ve compiled a list of ten amazing food places in Montreal (you’ll thank me later)!

1. Grozepa

Grozepa is a personal favorite. A small urban cuisine joint, serving anything from italian pizzas and pastas to asian peanut-butter dumplings, there is something everyone will enjoy.

Being a full-time student with a part-time, minimum wage job, it’s hard to splurge on expensive meals every weekend. Grozepa’s plates are all five dollars each, making our budgeted student lives a little bit happier with every dish.


2. Satay Brothers

If you’re a Southeast-Asian food virgin, you absolutely need to pay a visit to the Satay Brothers. In the heart of downtown, Satay Brothers offer unique menu of authentic southeast-asian dishes.

Down to try something new? Satay Brothers brings intense new flavours and does not disappoint.


3. La Belle Italienne

Being of italian background myself, I know a good pizza when I taste one. For all you carb lovers, La Belle Italienne has got you covered.

Using their wood-fired oven to make all their pizzas, you’re guaranteed a little taste of Italy with every visit. Plus, they have great gelato to wash down all the carbs.


4. La Belle et La Boeuf

Belle et La Boeuf is a Montreal staple. Whether it be for cool mason jar drinks with friends or satisfying a burger craving, Belle et La Boeuf is your place.

The atmosphere is always fun, and the workers genuinely look happy to be there. Added bonus; their drinks are seriously huge.

5. Jarry’s Smoked Meat

Cheap eats are one of our specialties here in Montreal.


Our other specialty is poutine. Poutines and smoked meat.

Open twenty-four hours, seven days a week, Jarry’s is the spot for your late-night, post-club cravings. With an abundance of tables and ample space, theres enough rough for everyone at Jarry’s. At whatever time.

6. Rib’N’Reef

Some of us on budgets find it hard to figure out where to spend our splurge money. Rib’N’Reef is the place, I promise.


This steakhouse is guaranteed to leave you satisfied. From filet mignon to salmon, the plates are well-portioned. The restaurant is definitely on the fancier side, but the ambiance remains friendly and the service is amazing!

7. Lucilles

He’s her lobster!

Friend’s reference aside, if you enjoy lobster rolls (are you even real if you don’t?) then Lucilles is definitely the place to be. For my seafood lovers, Lucilles brings it every single time.

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8. Mac Bar et Fromage

Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food, and I think anyone I’ve ever met could back me up on that one. There’s nothing like a hearty, crispy mac.

In the outskirts of beaudry metro, Mac Bar et Fromage is one of the best food places in Montreal. They offer a large variety of mac and cheese options, including a dish resembling McDonald’s “Big Mac” in taste. I have never tasted something that brought me so much joy in my life.


For us students on a budget, Mac Bar et Fromage is there for our hungry hearts. Every wednesday, with the purchase of a cocktail, you get a free plate! (And trust me, by wednesday we could all use the drink).

9. Pamika

All my authentic thai lovers, Pamika Brasserie is the place for you. A quaint little gem in the heart of downtown, it’s a perfect destination for a quiet date night with large portions of stir-fried greatness.


Oh, and they put gold flakes in their beverages.

10. Copper Branch

For my vegans out there, copper branch is a quick, tasty option for those of you on the go.

From the smoothies to the shiitake teriyaki “chicken”, copper branch is a joint that everyone could get on board with.


Will you be trying any restaurants from this list? Let us know in the comments!

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