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10 Amazing Food Places In Damascus

10 Amazing Food Places In Damascus

Yup, you heard it. I am talking about a few of the many amazing food places in Damascus! It is time to paint a more decent picture of what Damascus is all about besides what politics painted it to look like: delicate, tender, and generous.

A little introduction: Damascus, one of the oldest cities in the Middle East and the capital of the Syrian Arab Republic, is where I grew up; where I learned how to live and how to love, and most importantly, how to eat.

Damascenes are always proud of their long known ancient history and culture, but what they’re also complacent about are their cuisine and delicacies.


For that, I urge you to tag along with me so I take you around 10 amazing food places in Damascus. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

1. Naranj Restaurant

According to TripAdvisor, it is number #1 of #110 food places in Damascus! Naranj is just right for small or over the top occasions. Naranj introduces tasteful fine Arabic food and it’s located in the ancient city center

It is close to a few historic landmarks: The Omayyad Mosque known as the Great Mosque in Damascus and one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world, in addition to Khan Asaad Basha which is the historic public bath house.


2. Al Khawali Restaurant

Another restaurant in the old city of Damascus that serves homemade Syrian dishes is Al Khawali. It is #5 of #110 restaurants in Damascus! The restaurant is known for its beautiful oriental architecture that represents old Damascene houses.


Al Khawali is known for its wide variety of food such as Kibbeh Labanieh, Yabraa’, and their legendary mixed barbeque plates.

3. Al Nawafeer (Fountains) Restaurant

Al Nawafeer is among the best food places that are very popular across Damascus and located in the Sheraton Hotel in Umayyad Square.


The restaurant serves a wide riot of Arabic food and shisha in addition to its beautiful outdoor setting that’s perfect for the summer time!

4. Al Farouk

For all of my shawarma lovers out there, Al Farouk should be at the very top of your list to run to! Al Farouk is a 32-year old Damascene establishment that Arabs obsess over.


p.s. Shawarma is roasted, luscious meats wrapped in Arabic bread and cooked on a revolving pit.


5. Nara Cafe

Nara is a Syrian modern cafe established since 2016. Nara prides itself for providing exceptional food and service experiences.

If you’re looking to enjoy some oriental jazz music or even smoke shisha and play cards in the evening with friends and family, then Nara is your go-to!


6. Al Halabi Restaurant

Serving local food, Al Halabi is a beautiful, upscale food spot in Damascus in the Four Seasons Hotel and overlooking Barada river!

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7. Julia Dumna Cafe

Julia Dumna is located on Mezze Autostrad in Damascus. The high-end cafe is popular for its oriental breakfast and gets full due to its amazing ambiance, food presentation and taste experience!


8. Mora Gardens Restaurant

Rated #1 of 3 restaurants in Bloudan. Bloudan is a Syrian village in the Rif Dimashq Governate. Mora Gardens has been, for years, the best restaurant venue and it’s most famous for its extraordinary Syrian meals all day long!

Syrians and tourists love Mora for its hot Arabic bread, barbecues, tabbouleh, white cheese, foul medames, kibbeh and more!

If you’re in need of fresh air and a great meal in the mountains, then you should give Mora a try!


9. Bakdash

If you’re feeling nostalgic for some Arabic ice cream, you should get your car engine started and head to Backdash. It is the #1 authentic and well-known Syrian ice cream shop in Damascus!!


10. Aura By Dina

Aura By Dina is a new restaurant in Damascus located in Abu Roumaneh District. It offers healthy options such as healthy breakfast, salads, smoothies and healthy snacks to satisfy your stomach.

Make sure to comment below if you’ve tried any of these 10 Amazing Food Places in Damascus!

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