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10 Amazing Food Places In Calgary

10 Amazing Food Places In Calgary

10 Amazing Food Places In Calgary

The City of Calgary, home city for the Calgary Flames and that of the Calgary Stampede. Surrounded by the glorious views and wonders of the Rocky Mountains.  But also a city full of vibrant tasteful food places!

1. Shokunin Izakaya

This Japanese restaurant is full of suburb taste.  Shoukunin Izakaya is a great place for those who crave authentically stylized Japanese food. A delightful taste from “The Land of The Rising Sun!”

2. Barcelona Tavern

Located right in the downtown Stephen Avenue strip sits Barcelona Tavern. A Mediterranean Westernized fusion restaurant. A popular place for those to dine and drink after the working hours. If your one that likes your pints this place has global draft beers!


3. SOLE Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

Amazing Korean food! I have been too South Korea and this is authentic as it gets in Calgary. Must try the famous Korean liquor called Soju. There is an option to book a room and sing karaoke, make sure to reserve in advance since this place can get pretty busy.

Soju and Ddukbokki Spicy Rice Cake

4. Model Milk

This places serves amazing steak! Model Milk has a casual atmosphere with a unique verity for there food menu. Great place to go for a “Date Night” I highly recommend ordering the calamari for starters!


5. The Nash

OMG! The Rotisserie Chicken here is to die for.  A great place for higher end dining, the atmosphere here feels like being in a classy cozy home. Staff are pretty on par and attentive, this place does not disappoint!

6. Monki Breakfast Club & Bistro

Tucked away on 1oth avenue & 13th street is this little gem. Monki has solid service and serves breakfast all day. My favorite thing about this place is that they offer freshly squeezed orange juice   and yes one has the option to have pulp or not. LOL!

7. Cactus Club Stephen Ave

My go to place for some Mini Burger Sliders and Thai Lettuce Wraps. Cactus Club has a fusion mix of food styles from Asian to Western. Has a steal of a deal for their happy hour, yes five dollar wine! Located right in the heart of the downtown core this place has a vibe of it’s own!


Mini Sliders

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8. Cattle Baron

This place has a wonderful decor once you step inside. It is like going back to a nostalgia of the 1920s. A real Steakhouse that has first class service. I honestly take my father here every two months for dinner, since he is a super fan of this place.


9. Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant

Pho is not the only thing offered on the menu. But as well as the ever so tasteful Bun Bo Hue Noodle Soup. I will admit there are a few times that I have drooled over the smell of this dish. The broth itself is stewed for at least four days to get to the right taste. One of those hole in the wall places a bang for your buck!

10. Tokyo Street Market

A place that has everything priced on the menu for five dollars, yes I repeat myself $5.00! Ramen, Takoyaki, Mochi snaked goods from Japan for the well rounded price of $5.00. No matter what time of day this place is always busy!



These optional food places is just a few of many other great restaurants here. Food is definitely something that brings people together. If those of you ever find yourself up here I recommend at least trying one of these fantastic joints out. Side note Calgary is also considered the sunniest city in Canada. Just a little food for thought!

What are your favorite food places in Calgary? Tell us in the comments!

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