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10 Amazing Food Places In Almaty

10 Amazing Food Places In Almaty

Almaty, the largest city and so-called southern capital of Kazakhstan is an absolute must-visit. This list covers 10 amazing food places to try out when visiting this gorgeous city.

If you ever find yourselves in a beautiful city of Almaty, located in Kazakhstan, you will be amazed not only by breathtaking views of mountains and astonishing nature, but also with a variety of cuisines and food places. Here is the list of top 10 amazing food places in Almaty you don’t want to miss when visiting the city.

1. Aroma Tea Salon

Located in the city centre, Aroma Tea Salon is a small cafe that serves primarily delicious breakfasts for all day and every day. A cozy and stylish atmosphere, a variety of foods and drinks including coffee, teas and lemonades as well as a top point location attracts lots of people every single day. You will absolutely LIVE for their avocado toasts (YUM).

10 Amazing Food Places In Almaty


2. Bar 3200

Bar 3200 is literally the highest located bar in the whole CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). The number 3200 is the height in meters above the sea at which the bar is located. You will be offered to warm up with hot soft drinks, sandwiches or something even more satisfying. After a long day of skiing at our high mountain ski resort Shymbulak, Bar 3200 is the perfect place to get a rest while watching the top of the mountain.

3. Parmigiano Ristorante

Are you in the mood for Italian cuisine? If yes, Parmigiano Ristorante is the place to attend. The restaurant is proud of its high class cuisine, excellent service and an open kitchen – while sitting at the bar, you can watch as chef rolls out homemade dough and cuts fettuccine or ravioli out of it, as well as fresh pizza preparing in the wooden oven.

4. Broadway Burger

Broadway Burger presents a fundamentally new format for cooking gourmet burgers using a special in-house recipe from the chief. Fresh homemade burger buns and marbled beef patties are made here every single day. Probably the BEST burgers that you can find in Almaty.


5. Coffeedelia

Another popular spot in the city centre is Coffeedelia – cafe that serves everything you would possibly want – breakfasts, lunches and dinners with a variety of cuisines represented. Don’t be mistaken with the fact that’s it is a coffee house – at night it becomes a lively and crowded hotspot perfect for a night out with friends.

6. Ocean Basket

The menu of Ocean Basket demonstrates a presence of unique dishes such as sushi made from Mediterranean recipes, fresh and specially grown shrimps, lobsters and squids, and seafood platters known everywhere. A large space, cozy atmosphere, great service and most importantly, amazing food truly make this place really special.

7. Crudo Steakhouse

Craving for a perfect steak in Almaty? Look no further. Crudo Steakhouse serves ideal classic and alternative steaks in any roast. The steaks are made of tender New Zealand and Kazakh grain and grass-fed beef. In addition to the star of the show, you can find original snacks, soups, salads and a famous New York cheesecake.


10 Amazing Food Places In Almaty

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8. Olivier

Olivier offers a fresh modern take on a Russian cuisine, and if you ever find yourself craving for an “olivier” salad, Napoleon cake or even some Moscow borscht at 3 am – don’t you worry, this place is always open 24/7. Stylish interior with high ceilings, stained glass windows, crystal chandeliers and elegant tableware all create a unique experience.


9. Tubeteika

You simply CANNOT visit Kazakhstan and not try even a bite of our famous national cuisine. Tubeteika is a highly popular place with multiple locations in the city that serves Central Asian food. In Tubeteika, with all respect for cultural and culinary traditions, the best dishes of the Kazakh and Uzbek cuisines are prepared, such as beshbarmak, plov, baursaks and so much more delicious stuff.

10. EAST

The modern restaurant of pan-Asian cuisine EAST is famous not only for the best dishes of Vietnam, China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia, but also for the unique and unusual interior design. Each dish from the menu combines respect for the cultural traditions of Asia, and a European approach to visual presentation. I haven’t tried a better Tom Yum soup than in EAST, to be honest.

10 Amazing Food Places In Almaty

You will be surprised with a beauty of our city. Have you ever been to Almaty or want to visit sometimes in the future? Comment below!
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