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All The Essentials For Self-Pampering

All The Essentials For Self-Pampering

All The Essentials For Self-Pampering

Self-care is important, and it comes in many forms. Once and a while, we all deserve a night of nothing but relaxation, self-love, and indulging in pampering the f*** out of ourselves. Whether it be by yourself or with a bunch of your girlfriends, here are all the essentials you need for a night of treating yourself:

Face Masks

There is no better way to self-pamper than through the use of face masks. Face masks are versatile, you can get them in peel-off forms, sheet masks, cream masks, clay masks etc. They’re good for your skin and great for relaxing — these are a few of my favourites:

Moisturizer/ Serum

It’s always a good idea to moisturize your skin, and part of self-pampering is taking care of yourself. Using a moisturizer and serum together calls for ultimate hydration. A moisturizer and serum that I love are:



Wine can make a night in with your friends that much more fun, and can also make for a really good sleep afterwards. Once and a while, you just need a glass of Girls Night Out, some loud music, and some friends. A night like this can fix any sort of negativity, or at least for a little while, which is what self-pampering is all about.

Coffee/ Tea

It’s probably not the best idea to drink one of these after your wine (but to each their own). However, a warm cup of coffee or tea are other ways to treat yourself if wine is not your favourite. These are escpecially nice on school nights, Sundays, or nights in by yourself, because getting a lil drunk is mostly fun when you’ve got your girls by your side. Warm drinks are like hugs, and can make for a night when you’re feeling stressed out or a little down.


Hydration is super important! For your health, your skin, your overall self in general. Although it is nice to treat yourself with your favourite drinks on nights like these, it is also important to be drinking lots of water – it will make you feel good throughout the night and days following afterwords, this is key to self-pampering.

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Movie/ T.V. Show

When taking a night for myself, I can’t help but watch my favourite episodes of Sex and the City or a re-run of The Devil Wears Prada. Watching an episode of your favourite show or indulging in a movie you already know every line to can instantly boost your mood and help you relax. Do this with your face mask on and your glass of wine, thank me later.

Magazine/ Book

Sometimes, you need a break from school work and stress. Cuddling up with a warm drink, some candles, and a good book is an instant fix. Magazines are also always fun reads, as they are low-mainteance and sold for complete entertainment. Some magazines I always pick up on my way out of the grocery store include:

  • Vogue
  • Dress to Kill (the best, in my humble opinion)
  • Elle
  • Fashion Magazine
  • Harpers Bazaar

Something Comfy

Last but not least, once you’ve got smooth skin, lit candles, your favourite drink, and your favourite film/ read, the last thing you need is something comfy. Silk pyjamas, lingerie, a robe, fuzzy slippers, a furry blanket, your loving pet friends, or literally just being complete naked in your bed sheets – enjoying the pleasures of anything comfy is the best way to self-pamper!

How do you pamper yourself on self-care nights? Share your ideas in the comments! #GirlPower

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