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10 After Clubbing Restaurants To Try In Montreal

10 After Clubbing Restaurants To Try In Montreal

There is nothing more important than food to intoxicated people (even the designated driver has something to look forward to). However, it can be a daunting task to find a restaurant open and still serving food at three in the morning. Luckily for all you party people, I have spent a lot of experience in clubs and after clubbing restaurants in Montreal. Here’s ten you should definitely try!

1. Jarry Smoke Meat

No one makes a smoked meat sandwich like Jarry’s does. Open twenty four hours, seven days a week, with ample space for big groups, Jarry’s Smoke Meat is a place I’m willing to go all hours of the day.

Although their specialty is their smoked meat, they have a bunch of other options such as pizza, gyros, and poutines. There’s no place like Jarry’s.


2. Dirty Dogs

Located on Saint-Laurence boulevard, Dirty Dogs is a few metres away from some of the most popular clubs in downtown Montreal. Conveniently placed, this awesome restaurant closes at four in the morning, and indulges you in the best hot dog tasting experience of your life.

3. Chez Mein

If location had you on that last one, Chez Mein tops it.


Also located on Saint-Laurence boulevard, Chez Mein has two items on their menu: noodles, and spring rolls. For a heaping portion of noodles with a choice of sauce, this after-clubbing meal will cost you exactly two dollars. After spending fifteen dollars on a drink, I think this price merits applause.

4. La Banquise

Serving up our staple meal twenty four hours a day, La Banquise is known for their vast selection of poutines. With over twenty eight different kinds of poutine to choose from, you’re guaranteed a second visit to try a different kind.

Or, if you’re going after clubbing, maybe buy two.


5. A&W

I realize you are all probably aware of what A&W is. However, the one located on Saint-Denis does not close and is nearby many happening clubs.

And trust me, some sweet potato fries and a chubby chicken sandwich do the trick.


6. Cafe Milano

Cafe Milano, or more commonly known as “Mils”, this cafe serves up everything from authentic Italian sandwiches with sausage, steak, and chicken, to poutines, chicken nuggets, and jalapeno poppers.

Whether you’re in the mood for a nice sandwich and fries, or are craving some chicken nuggets (everyone does once in a while), Milano’s is the place for you.

7. Chez Claudette

Poutine fans, the after clubbing restaurants are clearly all in your favor. Chez Claudette, open twenty four hours on thursdays through sundays, is yet another place that has perfected the poutine.

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8. Hawg’s Deli

Spacious in comparison to most after clubbing restaurants, and located in the east end of Montreal, Hawg’s stays open all night and has a vast menu to choose from.

With lots of seating space and tables, it’s the perfect after clubbing restaurant for big groups of people.


9. Paulo Et Suzanne

For those of you who only want breakfast after a night of binge-drinking, you have to try Paulo et Suzanne.

As far as after clubbing restaurants go, the staff here is super friendly and the restaurant is twenty four hours, which is of course ideal. Skip the McDonald’s breakfast trio and have a nice plate from Paulo et Suzanne.


10. St-Viateur Bagel

No one does bagels like Montreal does.

St-Viateur Bagel is a popular stop most tourists plan on making when visiting our city. With the oven right smack in the middle of the restaurant, there is twenty four hours a day bagel-making action. You can get yourself a freshly cooked sesame bagel and add some smoked salmon cream cheese to top off the magic.

Planning on trying any of these after-clubbing restaurants in Montreal? Know any better ones? Let us know in the comments!

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