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10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at McMaster University

10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at McMaster University

10 Adorable Gameday Outfits At McMaster University

Gameday at Mac means a buzz around the school, crowds cheering loud and a sea of maroon in the bleachers of the field. Even though we’re still on the side lines, we still have to look cute, right? Having a little trouble picking a maroon outfit out in your pile of McMaster clothing? No worries, here are 10 adorable gameday outfits at McMaster University to spice up your gameday!

1. Simple and sweet

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t own a Mac t-shirt? If you don’t, better go grab yourself some in the clearance section of the campus store (student budget, amirite?) Pair it with denim cutoffs, classic chucks and you’re ready to go cheer on your favourite marauders!



2. Cute and comfy

T-shirt dresses are life. They’re comfy, hide food babies but at the same time, so damn cute. This one is styled with a pair of superstars, a bandana that can be worn around the neck or head and of course, a hotdog on the side.



3. Mother nature takes a dump

Weather isn’t always on our side, but that won’t stop some cute outfits from being worn. Pair a hoodie or sweatshirt with a denim jacket to shield rain and some boots for puddle jumping. Bring along an umbrella, rain can’t stop us!



4. Winter is coming

Gamedays may be getting colder but that doesn’t mean outfits have to suffer. This gorgeous combo gives a total bad girl vibe while still showing your true colours. Maybe we’ll even hit up some dollar beers after.



5. This one will turn heads

Need an outfit that screams cute from head to toe? Found it! A plain white tank styled with a trendy button skirt, some chucks and cute accessories. This outfit is absolutely to die for, who could say no?



6. Bummin’ it

This one’s for the lucky freshmen who live in Hedden or LP and have a sick view of the football field. Chill and watch from your bedroom window with this cozy onesie, coffee and pancakes. Yeah, I’m definitely not jealous or anything.


7. Posh and preppy

This cute jersey styled top goes perfectly with a pair of burgundy jeans and some adorable accessories. This outfit gives the perfect preppy vibe and will definitely turn heads.

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8. Girl next dorm

A casual outfit with a baseball tee, ripped jeans and comfy accessories. This outfit totally screams girl next dorm and is a definitely a staple in my gameday wardrobe. Slap some shades on and you’re ready to go.



9. “Can’t go, I have to study”

This one goes out to those studios studiers who can’t take a break for a couple of hours to watch the game. This was definitely what I wore during my study sesh for my first HOCO. This outfit is chill and comfy while still cheering on the best team ever from the study room.



10. No maroon, no problem

Don’t own any maroon clothing? We’ve got you covered. This basic sweater and jeans combo is a staple that everyone has. Hope you have friends for this one because we’re going to borrow some accessories from friends. A bow from the cheerleader next door, a scarf from your roommate and you’re ready to head out.



I love Gameday. It’s the perfect opportunity to show off your personal style while cheering on some amazing Marauders. These outfits are awesome starting points, but don’t be afraid to add your own taste and step out of your comfort zone. And never forget to BLEED MAROON!!!

Do you have any other fun ideas for gameday outfits at McMaster University? Share in the comments below!
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