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A Day In The Life Of A Carleton Student

A Day In The Life Of A Carleton Student


Welcome to university, where OC Transpo is never on time, the Tims lines are long and slow, you don’t get enough sleep and you actually love every second of it! Keep reading to find out what a day in the life of a Carleton student is like!

The struggle to wake up.

Internal dialogue: ‘It’s ok if I’m late, I’ll just go to the tutorial and figure out what I missed there’ (you know that’s not actually going to help but you tell yourself this anyways…every damn morning).

Fight with OC Transpo!

The schedule is just a suggestion, never mind that your bus was supposed to be here 15mins ago, don’t worry about it, it’s fine.







The Tims Line…

There are literally like two people behind the counter, 5 million people and their ancestors in line and you know you’re going to be late for class and you try to keep it together while you curse OC Transpo in your head for making you late (but you low key know if you had just gotten up a little earlier for an earlier bus this could have been avoided) so you pretty much look like this:

Until you get you to the front of the line then you’re all like.


Note about almost all Carleton students: You have a serious caffeine addiction but like so does everyone else so you’re pretty much normal so it’s nothing to worry about. (Not really)

Go to class.

As you start walking to class (which you’re probably late for tbh) you start to map out the fastest way to get there.

Because you know that Tory is going to be a struggle to get through. So maybe the tunnels are faster? No probably not. What about going through the quad? No it’s too cold. Well whatever you’re going to be late no matter which way you go.


Going to class.

After you finally get to your lecture hall and getting a seat you then try to unwrap your Tims bagel without making noise:

You’re pretty sure you sound like this:

And those ‘I have my life together because I was on time AND had time for breakfast before class’ people are all looking at you like this:


I’m sorry I’m not perfect.

There are three phases of a CU student in class:

The first: Trying to take notes while finishing your food

The second: Getting distracted, your internal dialogue goes something like this:
‘Yeah ok I’m pretty familiar with this I deserve a break lemme check Facebook real quick’


*spends the rest of the class watching videos on Facebook, while thanking the heavens for subtitles*

The last: Realizing that you wasted most of the class doing this. In a panic, you focus like you’ve never focused before hoping to salvage any little bit of knowledge that you possibly can.

Repeat for the rest of your classes for the day



Study time.

Ok you’ve survived all your classes today, congrats Carleton student! After a quick stop at Roosters (soo good!) or the food court, it’s time to study and get some assignments done. But where? The library? At 4 o’clock? Perfect time! *forgets every single day that 4pm is busy time*
*gets to the library and…..*

Yay all 5 million people and their ancestors from the Tims line this morning yayyyy!

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Finally you find a place to study and get some stuff done and just when you reach peak productivity, you spot your friend across the room and they’re all like….

And then they come over to say hi and the conversation goes something along the lines of:


‘Hey what are you studying for?’
*says class name*
‘OMG that sucks! I took that class last semester!’
*you both begin to bond over your mutual struggle with the course material, lack of sleep, hunger and how you want to go home*

*wave bye bye to productivity*

After you surrender the books for the night, it’s time to venture home- with OC transpo.. again. Oh joy!

At least you make it home at some point next year.


After getting home you make yourself some sort of dinner- because you’ve spent too much money on take out already.

After showering and somehow making it to your bed…

….and then you realize that you forgot some big obligation.

And then you’re stuck between sleep and panic for a little bit

Until sleep wins.


Whatever, it’s a tomorrow problem.

*Bonus phase 11- wakes up and does it all again the next day! It’s great to be a Carleton student!


What else goes on in the day in the life of a Carleton student? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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