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8 Study Break Ideas For Students at the University of Toronto

8 Study Break Ideas For Students at the University of Toronto

First of all, hanging out on the 2nd floor of Robarts doesn’t count as a proper study break. Nor does visiting the nearest Starbucks for a refill of your grande bold count! UofT students need to up their game when it comes to taking a stay-cation from our books. Toronto is FULL of exciting places to venture to on a quick study break during exam season. Take a Stay-Cation near campus during final exams in order to give your body and mind a break from all that studying! Keep reading for great study break ideas for students!

1. Clear your mind at Café Novo on 254 Augusta Ave.

A brilliant little coffee shop located at the forefront of Kensington Market. The mismatched furniture, distressed hardwood flooring and laid back atmosphere come together to give the café a rustic feel. The basement is where the fun happens with a neon pink sign to get your creative juices flowing as you sip on a bold shot of espresso to clear your mind.



2. Snack on some popcorn at Toronto Popcorn Company, 147 Baldwin St.

Yes, another food location but we all tend to stress eat when trying to meet deadlines for school. If you’re going to go for that salty bag of popcorn as a study snack, you may as well step your game up and choose one of the endless popcorn flavors they have to offer. It’s also super fun to go in and sample flavors from the many snap-top jars around the store if you’re on a student budget but still need a study snack!


3. Indulge in some gelato at Simply Italian, 146 Cumberland St.

If you still prefer your traditional dairy sweets, head to Gelato: Simply Italian in Yorkville. This Italian ice cream parlor doesn’t fool around when it comes to serving the perfect scoop of creamy gelato. Sure $5 for a small is pricey, but you can’t put a price on a refreshing bowl of Italian gelato when you’ve been shacked up in Robarts living off of Starbucks cake-pops for days.



4. Work up a sweat at Goldring Athletic Center, 100 Devonshire Pl.

Not into the whole foodie thing? Try hitting the stair-master or fully equipped weight room in the new Goldring Athletic Center. This is the best place to blow off some of that exam stress we’ve all been carrying. Work those gluts and get those marks!


5. Study with a furry friend at TOT The Cat Café, 298 College St.

Without a doubt the purr-fect place for every UofT cat lover in need of a study break. Who wouldn’t want to sip on a latte and pet some cats? This place sure sounds better than sipping your stale coffee from the early morning hours and petting the keyboard of your laptop in attempt to finish that last essay!


6. Play a board game at Snakes and Lattes, 600 Bloor St W.

Not an animal lover? Try spending your study break surrounded by something not as furry, but still as exciting and full of caffeine! The Snakes and Lattes Café is the ideal place to go on your study break if you don’t want to lose the surge of motivation you’ve built up to get your brain working full force. Pick a trivia game if you’d like, grab an Americano and get your board-gaming on before Kelly Library summons you again.

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7. Sample professionally cooked food at the Toronto Taste Festival.

Attention summer schoolers! Happening on June 12, all UofT students are welcome to check out the Toronto Taste Festival where numerous skilled chefs will be cooking and showcasing their food creations to the public. Eating professionally made foods is a great way to de-stress from school all while enjoying your summer stay-cay!



8. Sip on a craft beer at Ontario Craft Beer Week, Various locations.

If you prefer to study-break with your booze you’re in luck summer schoolers! From June 10 to 19 Toronto will be hosting the Craft Beer Festival where all sorts of beer brewers will be in town offering their unique creations. Just bring valid ID and some munchies – hold the books – and you’ll be well on your way to having a beer-y good summer school study break!

Try out some – or all – of these places! Let us know what you think or if you’ve got a secret getaway you stay-cation at during exam season. We all need a break from studying, so why not take advantage of our vast city and see what the 6ix has to offer the hard working students we all are!

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