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8 Reasons to Join a Sorority at the University of Toronto

8 Reasons to Join a Sorority at the University of Toronto

Going to University can be a very daunting experience. It is likely that the University of Toronto is a lot bigger than your high school and that it has a lot more people. With such a large campus it’s difficult to get to know your peers and sometimes you start feeling lonely. You want a life outside of your academics so you plan on getting involved with clubs on campus. But where do you begin?

Well, there’s definitely many ways of getting involved at UofT, but by joining a sorority you’re giving yourself multiple ways of having an amazing undergraduate experience. So if you’re looking to be part of something on campus here are some reasons you may want to join a sorority!

1. Sisterhood

By joining a sorority you’re meeting so many new people not only in the house you join but from the other 6 houses on campus. You will get to know people that you would have never met otherwise and with all the activities that Greek life offers, you’ll make strong friendships. Throughout your years in a sorority these women will always be there to support you. Whether that is going to the library at 2am to finish an essay, borrowing each other’s clothes for a mixer, or just lying in bed talking about life, they’ll always be there for you.


2. Philanthropy and Service

Every sorority on campus has a philanthropy that they support and raise money for with events each semester. Going to these events is a great way of supporting women from the other sororities and giving back to the community at the same time. Each sorority does service events for charities as well. Instead of just raising money they do community clean ups or volunteer at soup kitchens. Philanthropy and service is a huge aspect of sorority life and is most likely their most important event within the year.

3. Leadership Opportunities

When you join a sorority you’re giving yourself the opportunity to hold many leadership positions. Each house has an executive council and officers who all have very important roles that are necessary to keep the house functioning. Many of the sororities have leadership training with their internationals over the summer where you learn more about your sorority in a larger scale and bring back that enthusiasm to your house at UofT. In addition to leadership positions in house there is also a Panhellenic Council. This council is made up of women from all 7 sororities on campus who work to co-ordinate programming events with each other and plan recruitment.


4. Networking

When joining a sorority you are not only joining a sisterhood but you’re also joining a Greek community. You will meet many people from different fields who often share opportunities with their fellow Greeks first. Additionally each house has a large alumnae base. These women are successful in their own careers and are very happy to give opportunities to their sisters and share their advice.


5. Social Aspect

Although it is not the main focus of sorority life, the social aspect of the Greek community is really great. There are mixers and all sorority socials where you can mingle with people outside of your house and create friendships in a comfortable environment. So get ready for many themed mixers and meeting new people.

6. Academics

Academics is a very important aspect of sorority life. Every member is a UofT student and is aware of the importance of good grades. Many sororities have academic programming and requirements in order to reinforce academic values with their members. Members have high GPA’s and have gone on to amazing graduate schools or straight into their work field.

7. Personal Development

If you haven’t realized by now, sororities allow you to meet many people you would have never met otherwise. The people in your life are what make your experiences memorable and that’s definitely what joining a sorority offers. During your undergraduate years you will grow so much as a person. Through leadership opportunities, participating in philanthropies, the people you grow close to and putting yourself out there you will see a huge difference in yourself. You learn how to be professional, how to better your habits and to balance your academic life with your social life. You learn how to be dedicated and deal with issues, because let’s be honest nothing in life is perfect. In general, you learn many valuable skills and traits that you cannot learn in class.

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8. Memories

By the time you graduate from your sorority you will have so many memories with your sisters that you will never forget. By joining a sorority you will experience University in a way that others cannot and you will never regret the person you have become and the friends you’ve made. There is life after UofT and your sisters will be experiencing the fears of adulthood with you. Those bonds you made will carry on for the rest of your life and the support that you felt during your undergrad will never cease to exist. No matter where life takes you, your sisters will always be there to remember the times you stayed up late crafting before a philanthropy event or the time your sisters threw you a surprise birthday party. You experienced university together, grew as people together and those memories will never fade away.

UofT recruitment is happening from September 16-18th 2016.


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