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8 Natural Aids for Fighting Anxiety

8 Natural Aids for Fighting Anxiety

Fighting anxiety? Here’s a list of 8 natural aids to help soothe those symptoms without having to resort to medication right away.

1. Meditation

Practicing meditation provides aid for the overactive mind. With regular practice, even a minimum of 10 minutes a day, you will notice and begin to experience more control over any constant racing thoughts that those with anxiety tend to experience.


2. Yoga

On top of the long list of other benefits, practicing yoga is also known to reduce symptoms of anxiety. How? It lowers our blood pressure and heart rate, all the while it improves our breathing. As a student, it is understandable that memberships at local clubs could run a little expensive, but no need to worry! There is a plenty amount of fantastic apps available for free download to your smartphone or tablet.

3. Laughter

Turn on that comedy you’ve been hoping to watch because laughter does more good then you think. By laughing, we are engaging more organs and allowing more oxygen into our bodies, which, in turn, stimulates our insides and increases the release of endorphins.


4. Walking

Studies have shown that a simple 10-minute walk can help alleviate symptoms of both anxiety and depression. Movement trains our brain to cope better with symptoms.


5. “Turning Off” Before Bed

In a world so technological based as ours, it’s most likely that the majority of us are using technology right up until the moment we fall asleep. Known as the blue wavelength light from LED-based devices; it is causing our brains to increase its release of cortisol. Cortisol is what is keeping us awake/more alert at night. Restless sleeps mean anxious mornings. It is recommended to shut down devices an hour before we plan on going to sleep. This will allow for melatonin to be released. Better sleeps mean less anxious mornings.

6. Eating Omega 3s

Yes, fish oils. This essential fatty acid can be taken pill form or can be found in such foods as: salmon, tuna and walnuts. Studies have shown that Omega 3s provide positive effects not only for our overall health but for those fighting with symptoms of anxiety.

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7. Lavender Oil

This power herb does wonders for anxiety symptoms. For those restless nights, prepare yourself a cup of hot lavender tea. It’s recommended to steep 1-2 tbsp of the dried flower for 10-15 minutes before drinking. Dried lavender can be found at your local health food store.


8. Chamomile Tea

Yet another herb that has been proven for treating symptoms of anxiety. Apart from helping you to fall asleep, studies have shown that chamomile has quite the number of benefits for aiding anxiety. This herb contains both apigenin and luteolin, two chemicals that promote relaxation.

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