7 Things That Are NOT True About Laurier

Summer is ending and it has me thinking about common misconceptions that other schools and students have of Wilfrid Laurier University. Keep reading for 7 common misconceptions of Laurier and the truth behind them!

1. Laurier is a party school.

Though any WLU student will tell you that we do enjoy a good party here and there, it is not by any means our main focus as a university. WLU is known for our legendary HOCO and St. Patty’s block parties, but we are no more a party school than any other university. As a student body and faculty WLU is also known for our hardworking students in the academic field. We just like to have a little fun along the way!

2. Laurier isn’t a recognized university.

Due to the small campus and city, Laurier is often pinned for being a university that is not recognized outside of Ontario. This could not be more false. Aside from the fact that we are hosts to hundreds of exchange students from all over the world, WLU also holds campuses in various cities around Ontario and around the world, including a campus in China. Trust me when I say, WLU is recognized world wide.


3. Laurier is only good for business.

Though the business program at Laurier is amazing and a main selling point for the University, it is not the only focus of the school. Laurier has an array of different amazing programs which include double degree programs for business and arts students as well as Co-op available for the majority of programs regardless of faculty. In fact, come September, Laurier will be opening a new double degree program for the faculty of arts. This will give students the option of travelling to England for 3 years!

4. Laurier is too small of a school.

WLU is indeed a fairly small school compared to most other universities in Ontario, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The small class sizes (no more than 400) allows students to better connect with each other and their professors which will only benefit them in the future when they are looking for connections. Aside from this, the small student body makes for a more tight knit community where everyone knows everyone and everyone is accepting, open-minded and happy.

5. It is the “high school” down the road from Waterloo.

This is said about WLU continuously as most people aren’t aware that WLU was the original university in Waterloo, Ontario. This small university was originally built to be a Lutheran school, there were educational differences between professors. One professor decided to move down the street and build an entirely new university, AKA UW. Though people may refer to WLU as the high school down the road from UW, it is actually the original founding school!

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6. Laurier is an athletics school, not academic.

Yes, Laurier is very well known for our seller athletics programs and high school spirit, athletics isn’t our only focus. Student athletes are known to excel both in their sport and academically and have contributed amazing things to the school. Regular students are not overshadowed by athletes. Academics and student success is and has always been the main focus of the faculty and staff at Laurier. Our amazing athletics programs and dedicated athletes are just the cherry on top of the cake!

7. There is nothing to do in Waterloo.

Because Waterloo is a fairly small city, people seem to automatically assume there is nothing to do on the weekends or in their spare time. In reality Waterloo is a very developed and student accessible city. There are plenty of amazing and affordable restaurants to grab a bite to eat, no matter what you’re hungry for. There is a mall up the road, awesome and study-friendly cafes, hiking and running trails as well as amazing scenery for fun photo shoots! If you’re in for a night out, Waterloo is known for its nightlife and is full of awesome pubs, bars and clubs, including Waterloos infamous Phils Grandsons! There is never a shortage of things to so in the Loo!

Have any more common misconceptions about Laurier and want to clear them up? Comment below and be sure to share the article!
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Dunia Badawi

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