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6 Ways To Break A Bad Habit

6 Ways To Break A Bad Habit

Ever had a craving you really wish you didn’t have? Here are 6 ways on how to break a bad habit!

1. Ask yourself if you have the right mindset.

If you have doubts, then you’ll need to keep reflecting and contemplating on why stopping your habit is a good decision for you. It is very important for you to be absolutely sure that you want this!


2. Acceptance!

You need to learn to accept that what’s done is done. Everything you do is a part of the process of your own growth. There’s no shame in making mistakes, it’s human nature. Also, there is no need to beat yourself up for having a bad habit.

3. Look for substitutes.

Try looking for some substitutes or distractions to slowly move you away from such cravings. Make sure they are beneficial substitutes! For example, switching from smoking a lot to excess drinking is NOT an acceptable substitute.



4. Break a habit by quitting cold turkey.

It is possible to accomplish this. However, it takes a very high level of commitment and motivation. Refer to point #1.


5. Talk to somebody!

Sharing your experience allows you to release a lot of tension that can be bottled up within yourself. Having the support from another could dramatically push you to achieving your goals (not just in breaking your bad habits).

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6. Stay away from certain environments.

Try to break a habit by staying away from atmospheres that will give you unwanted temptations to return to your bad habits. At least, not until you’ve had your right mindset locked down and engraved in your mind. This may include staying away from friends (not all the time, but in specific environments). However, this is based on your judgement. Do not fool yourself by thinking you’re strong enough. Be patient. You can live a little longer without those risks. Wait until the time is right. When will the time be right? When you no longer feel an itch of a craving. That’s the goal!



You need to keep in mind that these changes are not an overnight process. In order to break a bad habit, you will need a variable amount of time, strength, and energy. You need to be patient with yourself. We’re bound to make mistakes and go back to our habitual ways. However, you need to remind yourself of your goals, pick yourself back up, and keep pushing yourself to not indulge in whatever it is you’re trying to stop. You might notice that the chronic nature of the habit will cease and, once in a while, you’ll have cases where you will slip. This is definitely a sign of progress! Don’t be too hard on yourself either but, at the same time, don’t be too soft and allow yourself to make mistakes. Push yourself.

Do  you have any other suggestions on how to break a bad habit? Tell us in the comments below!

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