5 Of The Best Places To Eat In Langley

Check out these incredible places to eat in Langley next time you’re in town! Waste no time deciding where to eat and look forward to one of the best meals you’ll ever have by choosing one of these restaurants!

1. Beatnik’s Bistro

This restaurant is located beside the most popular shops in Fort Langley, but manages to provide a cozy and quiet atmosphere. The experience starts before you walk in the door: Beatnik’s is in a quaint house placed far back from the road and sheltered by tall trees. Inside, the open layout, wood floors, and friendly staff make you feel right at home. They offer a delicious array of food. They have the best quinoa burgers in town among other savoury options. Pair the quinoa burger one of their delicious sangrias for an enchanting dinner. Their desserts are also top notch; be sure to try out their crème brulée with homemade berry coulis on the side! Stop in on a Thursday night to enjoy live music from local artists!
5 Of The Best Places To Eat In Langley

2. Trading Post Eatery

This local eatery is a great place to go with friends! Trading Post Eatery is known for its beer, burgers, and trendy atmosphere. They serve an astounding variety of delightful local beers and even brew their own at their brewery in Langley. Make sure to go at different times in the year to try out their seasonal beers; their cranberry ale in the winter/fall is the perfect drink for a chilly afternoon! Just remember to reserve a table before you go – this place is always busy!
5 Of The Best Places To Eat In Langley

3. Wendel’s Bookstore & Café

Wendel’s Bookstore & Café is a favourite among the locals of Fort Langley. Located in the centre of the Fort, Wendell’s is a hub of activity. They offer a delicious bacon mac & cheese that is made in-house in addition to a variety of other unique savoury dishes. The dessert display out front is always stocked with desserts that are as flavorful as they are beautiful. Be sure to try their Bee Sting, a traditional German dessert consisting of vanilla sponge cake with Bavarian cream in the middle and a mixture of toasted coconut and almonds tossed in honey on top. Don’t miss out on the attached bookstore! The shelves are filled with decorated copies of Western and Eastern classics as well as modern books. Check out this cozy café next time you’re in town!

5 Of The Best Places To Eat In Langley

4. Sabà Café by the Rustic Gourmet

Sabà Café is a new addition to Fort Langley. They draw their name, Sabà, from old Hebrew. They interpret it as meaning plentiful and abundance, which perfectly captures the experience of the café. The café is a treat for the senses, with soft pastels on the walls matched with natural wood tables and chairs, delightfully sweet smells emanating from the coffee bar, and a stimulating hubbub of activity. Their food is inspired by Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. This unique blend of flavours comes together to provide a dining experience like no other. Drop by in the morning to experience their unique brunch menu, or stop in for the evening to enjoy a delicious dinner. Additionally, they have a wonderful selection of coffees, teas, juices, and kombucha. The lively atmosphere is perfect for a date, catching up with friends, or going out with family.

5 Of The Best Places To Eat In Langley

5. The Fort Pub & Grill

Located right on the Fraser River, the Fort Pub is built in the centre of town and is widely loved among the locals and visitors alike. It is a great place for a fun night out or a quiet lunch. The wood panelling on the walls and dim lighting make for an inviting and intriguing atmosphere. This pub boasts a wide selection of classic pub fare, delicious drinks, and classic old-timey pub décor. Join them for a hearty brunch; be sure to try the Settlers Breakfast with eggs, baboon, hash browns, sausage, and toast. The Fort Pub is the best place to go for cocktails and casual drinks with friends.

5 Of The Best Places To Eat In Langley

Comment which restaurants you’ll try next time you’re in Langley!

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