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5 Myths About The University of Toronto: Debunked

5 Myths About The University of Toronto: Debunked

The University of Toronto is generally known as a very prestigious and academically challenging school. While this belief is true in some instances, there are many myths about UofT that simply are not true. Today that we are going to bust them.

Myth #1: University of Toronto is not a party or social school.

In the most general discussion, many people attending the University of Toronto are very focused on academics. However if you want to party, there are parties. If you want to be social there are people who will want to be social with you. University is what you make of it. And at UofT it isn’t necessarily difficult to spend time on either side of the spectrum; studying or partying.

Myth #2: It is impossible to get A’s at UofT.

This is completely false. Of course, it is difficult to achieve and in order to achieve that 4.0 a lot of dedication is required. This being said, if you are willing to study, do your readings, attend lectures and tutorials, talk to your professors and use your time wisely it is completely do-able.

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Myth #3: There is a 20% drop from high school to university.

If you were getting 90%s in high school because you worked hard (not because your teacher was easy) then it is likely you will do well in university. There are two types of people who generally end up doing poorly in university— those who did well in high school because they mooched their way to the top, and those who barely got into university. Your grades reflect the effort you put in. But if you make it to the end, it is so worth it.

Myth #4: The college system matters a lot.

When applying to the St. George campus, there is a lot of stress put on ranking your top choices for colleges. The UofT St. George campus is split into 7 colleges: Trinity, Victoria, St. Michaels, University (UC), Innis, New, and Woodsworth. Essentially the college system really only matters for 3 things: 1) which residence you will be living at, 2) where your registrar will be and 3) graduation. After first year you have the ability to choose how involved you will be in your college community. The college system was put into place in order to separate and organize a large population of students. But let’s be honest, no matter what college you go to— Toronto is Drake’s city. We just live in it.



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Myth #5: Being a student at UofT is completely impersonal.

As stated earlier, university is what you make of it. If you become the type of student to rarely attend lectures, tutorials and office hours you will have an impersonal experience. However in order to get the most of your money, be sure to attend all of the above. It not only helps with your comprehension of material but it also gives you the ability to create connections with your professors and peers. We are all here to help you.

Congratulations to all the 2016 graduates, and a welcome to the class of 2020! You create your own path and UofT really is not out to get you!

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