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5 Hookup Spots At Simon Fraser University

5 Hookup Spots At Simon Fraser University

Important: Before we begin this list, remember consent is necessary before engaging in any sort of sexual activity. So stay safe, and have fun.

There’s an endless amount of hookup spots aside from your dorm room you just have to get creative. Getting steamy with someone in public with the risk of getting caught is exhilarating! If you’re a student at Simon Fraser University, you’re probably extremely bored as it is, so this list of hookup spots will hopefully bring some excitement to your student life at SFU.

1. The Avocado sculpture

This strange metal/concrete avocado sculpture located near the terry fox statue in the middle of the AQ has drawn a lot of attention to new students. It seems to be a sort of right of passage to engage in some sort of sexual activity inside of this sculpture. The way it’s designed really only allows for standing, upright positions, but there is a little nook for a little extra room. The mirror aspect of the sculpture is awfully naughty as you can both watch yourself getting busy. It is extremely in the open, in the busiest section of campus, so I wouldn’t recommend this spot unless it’s the dead of night.


2. Library

The classic, not just for SFU, but for campuses in general. A library is a place of knowledge, integrity, and wisdom… which makes it all the more rebellious to get down and dirty in one of the 7 floors! Yes, that’s right, if you didn’t know, SFU’s library has 7 floors. That’s a lot of space and options to choose from. Whether you want to barricade the door of a private study room or find just the right time to lean up against one of the bookshelves, the library has always been a student go-to for hookup spots. The best thing about SFU’s library is that during finals season, it’s open 24/7 giving you the opportunity at any point in the entire day.


3. Residence tower fire escapeĀ 

This hookup spot is nice because it’s outdoors so you get that nice breeze, and you can be up to 8 stories high looking out at the campus. The walls of the fire escapes aren’t fully enclosed, so you can see out, which means people can see in. But like I said, if you’re on the 8th floor, no one’s going to be looking all the way up at you unless you’re making a lot of noise… What makes this hookup spot peaceful is that no one is going to run into you here, no one uses the fire escapes at the towers so you’ll be safe as long as there’s not a fire…

4. Burnaby mountain parkĀ 

The most beautiful of all the hookup spots on this list if you pick the right spot. Burnaby mountain park is a massive park loaded with greenery and hiking trails. There’s so much space you can find a million places to set up shop with your guest for the night or your SO. What makes this spot beautiful if you find the right place, is the view of all of the greater Vancouver area. With this spot, you could be getting lucky on a mountain while watching the most amazing sunset over one of the most beautiful cities in North America

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5. Bowels of the AQ

The AQ is the main building on campus and holds hundreds of classrooms. Not just that, but it’s got many floors and a lot of very secluded sections of the building where you can find some privacy. If you’re nervous about getting caught, there are tons of places deep in the AQ on the lower floors that no one will catch you. So be safe and remember to use protection!


Can you think of any other hookup spots we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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