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5 Hidden Cafes That Will Leave Your Friends Insta-jealous

5 Hidden Cafes That Will Leave Your Friends Insta-jealous

School is out for most college students in Toronto, but our craving for coffee hasn’t dwindled. So we’ve come up with 5 hidden cafes for you to celebrate your freedom while making your followers Insta-jealous. Continue reading to find your next new coffee hotspot.

1. Hula Girl Espresso Boutique

This hidden cafe not only throws it back to retro vibes, but it also gives off a female power ambiance as well. The cute cafe is located at 2473 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON in the Bloor area. Not only do they offer some of the tastiest coffee in the Six, but they also offer subscription coffee services and blog tips to help you brew the perfect batch at home. This little gem is a cute cafe you and your friends can hang out while gossiping about the latest drama at work or catch up after coming home from college. 

5 Hidden Cafes That Will Leave Your Friends Insta-jealous

2. ODIN Cafe & Bar

Inspired by Nordic mythology, this hidden cafe is located at 514 King St. E, where its other store called Thor Espresso Bar is located in the Bathurst area of Toronto. Despite its brother (or son) store, ODIN serves coffee as well as craft beer, cocktails, and snacks. You can also add a shot of alcohol to your cup of joe for a little ‘Irish Coffee’. The architecture alone gives off a modern yet industrial vibe, inspired by the Scandinavian homeland. Although we can’t guarantee you see a Norse god or two around, we can promise a cute little cafe to spend the day having a mini photo shoot with your closest friends. 

5 Hidden Cafes That Will Leave Your Friends Insta-jealous

3. Cali Love

Although it is not famous for its coffee, Cali Love is a small hidden cafe located at 367 King St W, Toronto, ON. It is most common for its range of healthy snacks such as Poke Bowls, Acai Bowls, smoothies and of course, the angel wings. That’s right, Toronto has its very own angel wings which were spray painted on the side of the Cali Love cafe. Not only can you get a healthy snack when you visit, but a cute angelic picture for your Instagram as well. However, you will have to photoshop the halo in yourself. 

5 Hidden Cafes That Will Leave Your Friends Insta-jealous

4. Kitten And The Bear

This little hidden cafe may look like a coffee shop, but a tea house would be a better label. As you walk inside, you will realize it is a small little shop just off the road. However, the interior will remind you of the old high tea rooms in England where the noble class go to spend their weekend mornings. The little tea house is simply the cutest tea house you will find in Toronto that serves you with a pot of tea (or coffee) and an abundance of small pastries. We highly recommend you visit it at 1414 Dundas St W, Toronto.

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5 Hidden Cafes That Will Leave Your Friends Insta-jealous

5. Infuse Cafe

Not only is this hidden cafe in the heart of Toronto, but it is also located near Ryerson University and University of Toronto: St. George Campus – two of Toronto’s famous post-secondary schools. While it has more variety of herbal teas, they also have a nice selection of coffees. To be specific, their ice cream sandwich coffee is to absolutely die for! I promise when you taste it, there is no going back! Their iced coffees will satisfy that cool caffeine craving on a hot summers day. You can find them at 354 Yonge St, Toronto.

5 Hidden Cafes That Will Leave Your Friends Insta-jealous

Despite which hidden cafe you choose to visit this summer, we hope you enjoy your freedom from school or work. If there are any hidden cafes that we missed here, please feel free to mention them down below, and tell us how you liked our choices!

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