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5 Easiest Courses To Take At Simon Fraser University

5 Easiest Courses To Take At Simon Fraser University

If you’re a student at SFU and you’re looking for some of the easiest courses you can take for a quick GPA booster, you’ve come to the right place. Not every class in university has to give you grey hairs, and these courses can give you a well-deserved break from the other painful classes that might fill your schedule.

1. PHIL 120W – Moral Problems

If you have a basic understanding of what’s right and wrong and you can write about it, you’ll do just fine in this class. The class is filled with interesting debates on what’s right and what’s wrong and is interesting to see other people’s perspectives on different moral issues. It’s a fun class that gets you thinking, but most important, it’s easy. So enroll away and get ready to debate why it’s just as immoral to not donate to charity as it is to not save a drowning child… yes, that was in the class.


2. CMNS 110 – Introduction to Communication Studies

Communications is an extremely broad topic, and if you’re already studying communications you’ve definitely been asked a million times, “what is communications?” Luckily for you if you’re enrolled in this class because it’s the epitome of introductory courses covering a million things at the surface level. Don’t let that scare you, because ‘communications’ is such a general term, you can pretty much write just about anything and still be correct. Good luck getting a bad grade in this class, you just have to do the work.

3. COGS 110 – Learning in Everyday Life: The Art and Science of Hacking your Brain

This class might scare people in the first lecture because you have a test every week, and you have to score at least 90% on the test to pass. What makes this class so easy is that you get 3 attempts on each test, each of the attempts is the exact same test, and each attempt is a week apart… there’s no way you don’t pass that third attempt c’mon. Also, the premise of this class is to use the course concepts to learn something new outside of the class. So you can literally use this course to study for other classes, and get a grade for it. Piece of cake, and actually helpful.


4. PHYS190 – Introduction to Astronomy

This is another one that might scare people because it has the title of a physics course, and if you aren’t a science student, there’s no way in hell that you’re taking a physics course. This class is actually interesting, and very engaging because of the prof. It’s engaging because he loves student engagement so much he set up a twitter account and used that for suggestions on how to improve the class and used surveys that way. Never thought I’d be allowed to tweet in a lecture hall with the professor’s permission… Also, the course is literally designed for people with no physics or math backgrounds, so it’s a walk in the park while learning some pretty neat facts about space. Who hasn’t dreamt of being an astronaut at least once in their lives?

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5. PUB 101 – Publication of Self in Everyday Life

This is a class where you have total control of what you write about. It’s a course about how we live on the internet and how we express ourselves online, and you can choose to portray yourself however you want. Get creative and have some fun, you already spend all day on your phone anyways, might as well bump that GPA in the process right?

This is our list of the easiest courses at SFU! Let us know any other GPA boosters in the comments!

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