420 As Told By The Office In GIF Form

420 is on its way, and if you are an avid weed smoker you know you will be celebrating! Here are some 420 situations as told by the cult classic, The Office! We know you have probably heard this a thousand times, but if you haven’t seen The Office, GET ON IT! Even better, watch the show

When You Spend Your Whole Paycheque On An Abundance Of Weed

Having a full stash of mary-jane ready to go is like a dream, but then you remember how much an ounce costs and that sweet moment turns a bit bitter. Still worth it though

Taking a Whiff Of Your New Kush

Smelling the weed is like dipping your toe into the magical waters of getting high, and is a natural instinct for stoners. It also usually gets you super excited to smoke your weed.

When The Person You’re Smoking With Won’t Pass The Weed

We can all admit it is hard to watch someone finish most of the bowl, joint or blunt during their turn in the rotation. Say it with me now! It is puff puff pass, not puff puff puff puff puff puff…. pass.

When You Are High In Public And Can’t Stop Laughing

Getting out of the house while high can be nice, but other times you find yourself being a blithering idiot in a 7/11. Don’t even get me started on laughing fits that come out of nowhere while ordering from a waitress…

To avoid looking super baked in public, try and pretend to be looking at something funny on your phone.

When You And Your Friend Are Stoned And Start Doing Silly Shit Together

We all have that one friend that brings out the inner kid in you when you smoke together. Laughing so hard you fall to the floor or almost pee yourself are all apart of the smoking experience with them.

When You Someone Parks Right Next To You While Your Hotboxing

This is a risk that you have to take if you want to hotbox, even if you are parked in the farthest corner of an abandoned JC Penny parking lot. Shit happens, the best thing to do is act normal… and by this, we mean to hide.

When You Wake And Bake With An Indica

If you want to have a productive day, smoking sativa is the way to go. Yet, there are days that you just want to nap or binge watch every Netflix series ever made, that’s when indica becomes your best pal!

See Also

When All Of Your Weed Is Mysteriously Gone

Whether you live with roommates or a significant other, people are always high jacking other peoples weed. Don’t take it personally, weed is The Ring and we all want to be Frodo Baggins. But let’s be honest it was probably your own fault.

When Weed Is There For You When No One Else Is

The healing power of marijuana is unmatched, and much of the time taken for granted. If you are having a bad day, or your friends are being assholes, or work is stressing you out, weed will always have your back.

When Your Weed Falls On The Floor

And finally a hardship all weed smokers will eventually face and must suffer through. Whether your open grinder slips out of your hand, or you dropped the bowl you just filled, there is no way to escape it.

It makes you want to die for a little bit, but there is always hope! Carpet weed!

Have any favorite moments from The Office, or from smoking weed… that you can remember? Comment them below, or share this with your friends!

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