420 As Told By Parks And Rec In GIF Form

Being one of the most popular and populated events of the year, 420 is the modern replica of what we like to call “freedom of expression.” Taking place every year in some of the major cities all around the world, 420 is a celebration of…well weed. Another highly popular phenomenon is the significant 420 references made in the show, Parks and Recreation, and it’s immensely comical characters. If you’re in your stoner phase AND you identify as a die hard Parks and Rec fan just like us, you’ll be glad to know that we’ve put together a collection of Parks and Rec gifs to narrate what 420 is really all about.

In The Simplest Of Terms…

It is only the “best day of the year.” At least if you’re a hard core marijuana enthusiast. But then again, gathering up in a large field or some highly populated square downtown with a bunch of random potheads sounds like a dream right? Getting high, meeting new people, meeting new people while getting high and talking about how weird it is that your feet are just a tad smaller in size than your shoes…I mean like dude, what even is a Christmas dude?

Visual Representation of 420 By Parks And Rec In GIF Form

420 Makes Life A Little More Colourful

Or at least according to April, our favourite forever-emo chick and probably one of the most deadpan characters in Parks And Rec. But we guess 420 brings out the best of her, just as it does for the rest of us. After a few subtle minutes of being surrounded by clouds (and we don’t mean the kind that airplanes fly through) all you can really think about is love and happiness…oh and “colour.”

Visual Representation of 420 By Parks And Rec In GIF Form

Making Friends Gets That Much Easier

What we’re trying to say is believe it or not, but 420 actually brings people closer. At least some people with their screws on a little loose. In one of the “cutest” Parks and Rec scenes, April, the one who hates EVERYONE, tosses a gum in Andy’s mouth; who’s to say that she wasn’t under the influence? If you’re looking for an effective social gathering, 420 is a go-to. The high will make you say yes to even the most unwanted people, and hey, sometimes it can be the start of something good!

Visual Representation of 420 By Parks And Rec In GIF Form

Sometimes Maybe Too Easy

With being uber friendly during 420 comes getting a little personal. When in a state of high we seem to get extra curious about everything around us, especially when there is so much, or should we say so many people, to be curious about. Take a look at Parks And Rec sweetheart Andy for example. He’s looking for a key in a shoe for Christ’s sake. Must we say any more?

Visual Representation of 420 By Parks And Rec In GIF Form

And When You Drop Your Joints

Yes, joints. Plural. When part-taking in 420, you have to do it right. That means going the extra mile and rolling up five times as many joints to successfully get you through the day. But let’s be real, this is bound to happen. You’re an hour in and you start to feel it…like REALLY feel it. And that calls for dropping a joint or two every once in while; probably not the first time you’ll be embarrassing yourself that day. But not to worry, just like Tom from Parks and Rec, you’ll just pick them up real quick.

Visual Representation of 420 By Parks And Rec In GIF Form

But Don’t Drop Down With It

This is a warning, not a threat. After a couple hours of blazing fun, you might just drop down dead, and we hope not literally. Seriously guys, take care of yourself. Take someone’s sandwich if you have to. Just don’t make friends with the ground now, there’s plenty of fish in the sea. Or at least we believe at 420 there is.

Visual Representation of 420 By Parks And Rec In GIF Form

Just Don’t Be Late To The Party

For an event this monumental in a stoner’s life, you don’t want to be caught late. Gather up your bongs, the paper and maybe a couple beers and hit the road with your friends. Maybe prepare a few munchies for the trip (pun intended), but as soon as Cypress Hill’s Hits from the Bong plays, just like in Parks and Rec, you know what to do. This is a meeting you’d want to be on time for.

Visual Representation of 420 By Parks And Rec In GIF Form

What’s your favourite Parks And Rec inspired 420 GIF? How accurate were we? Tell us in the comments below!

Featured Image Source: https://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/sns-wp-washpost-bc-tv-parksandrec09-20150109-story.html
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