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24 Epic New Songs You Need In Your Life Right Now

24 Epic New Songs You Need In Your Life Right Now

Summer is in full bloom and our toes are finally starting to unfreeze. As the legend goes, college is our time to find the meaning of life. And by that I mean, aren’t we really all just searching for new music to become our next epic shower jam?

For a link to all the music mentioned in this article, check out this Spotify playlist.

1. River – Ibeyi

If you haven’t heard of Ibeyi, pronounced (ee-bay-ee), then you should listen to their self titled album (released late last year). This French duo writes songs that fuse their Afro Cuban roots with dreamy electronic beats. Their most popular song, River, is perfect for when you want to feel unbreakable.

2. Devil Like Me – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Despite their somewhat misleading name, this band has excellent music. With moody, introspective lyrics and an acoustic rock vibe, their music is perfect for those moments late at night when you just need to breathe in.



3. Beat of My Drum – Powers

This song is an ear worm. So do just dance like no one is watching.

4. Traum – CRO

This song is for the ultra alternative hipster in you. Because this guy sings in German you might not understand what he’s saying…but that so doesn’t matter.


5. Slip – Elliot Moss

There was a phase when everyone was listening to Ingrid Michaelson’s Hide and Seek. If you’re not sure why that phase ended, this song is for you. More ambient music than anything else, this song is for right before you fall asleep.

6. Eye to Eye – Astronauts, etc.

Do you need a good cry? Then you want this song.

7. 4u – Blackbear

Getting his start by writing for the likes of Justin Bieber, I think everyone should be excited that Blackbear started performing his own songs. Awesome production, awesome beat. Play this at the beach. But like also everywhere else.


8. Gold – Kiiara

A complete unknown until about 12 months ago when she released her first single on soundcloud, Kiiara is going to be the next it thing in electronic music. Just you wait.

9. Wait a Minute! – Willow

Do you remember “Whip My Hair Back and Forth”? Well, you will never believe the same artist wrote this. Do yourself a favor, listen to it. It’s a great dose of alternative rock for morning runs.

10. So. Good. – Johnny Stimson

Modern Frank Sinatra. I think you know when this song needs to be played.



11. Walk On By – Noosa

A mix between Adele, Regina Spektor, and Sara Bareilles? Yes please.

12. Black Coffee – Daniel Haaksman

For an awesome hip hop beat with a latin flavor.


It’s go-to-the-beach, be-your-better-self, climb-a-mountain, kiss-a-stranger, dance-around-a-bonfire season. I’ve heard it said that hot weather makes people experience emotions more deeply. And by that I mean, I think I’m ready to hear someone sing exactly what I feel.

Check out this playlist on Spotify here.

13. Easy Easy – King Krule

A mix between punk rock and The Script, King Krule’s music is angsty and smart.

14. Pressure – Milk & Bone

This Montreal based duo writes minimalist electronic ballads. Listen to their music when you need someone to be with.


15. Going Home – Ásgeir

This Icelandic singer/songwriter writes lush dark electronic music. Perfect for when it’s a rainy day outside and inside.

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16. Scum – Peta & The Wolves

A delicious mixture between Lorde and Florence & the Machine, this song is the kind of thing you scream off the top of a mountain.


17. I Wear Glasses – Mating Ritual

A little bit like Two Door Cinema Club’s music, this song is optimistic and easy – everything a good rock song should be.

18. D.S – London Summers

London Summers is a total up-and-comer on Soundcloud. His take on R&B is one of the most unique – a mixture between Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean. You’ll get hooked on the beat and stay for the chill ambiance.

19. Got it Bad – Leisure

It’s hard to find good funk these days. But Leisure’s music is guaranteed to make anyone tap their feet.


20. While Everyone Was Waiting – Talk in Tongues

Disco music for the 21st century. Dance to it, do laundry to it, workout to it.

21. Kind Of Love – MAALA

If you find yourself jonesing for a new Maroon 5 song, this is the perfect thing to listen to. What he lacks in vocal range, MAALA makes up for with his awesome beat. Also, I swear you will be able to sing along to this song after the first play. It’s that kind of catchy.

22. High in the Woods – Johan

Johan filed this song under ‘Spiritual’ and he was totally right. This song is like a twisted Hozier song. In other words, gospel on acid.


23. Tincture – Feral Fauna

Sleek vocals and jazzy electronic synths, this song is so cool it will blow your mind. Listen to this song when you’re getting ready to go out.

24. Miss Mirage – NoMBe

This song will give you the feels. It’s got a hypnotic quality like some of Jaymes Young’s brooding qualities mixed with cool synths.

What new music have you been listening to? Share in the comments!

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